Could These Nightclub-Themed Bingo Halls Reignite Britain’s Passion For The Game?

Britain has had a long and evolving relationship with the gambling industry. Looking at historical trends, it’s evident that, even in the 18th century, when games like whist were popular, gambling has always been part of British identity. For instance, in Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Collins plays whist, a trick-taking card game composed of four people that was, as per, eventually superseded by bridge in 1900.

In the 1960s, bingo became increasingly popular across Britain, an interest that lasted many years before seeing a slow decline in attendance at in-person bingo halls. Then, following the transition into the digital age, online casinos skyrocketed in popularity; many were impressed by the diverse selection of games and the ability to use comparison sites like to find online deals, including card registration bonuses, welcome bonuses, and free spins. However, the most recent change in our long history with gambling is the creation of almost nightclub-themed bingo halls. Could these be the catalyst that causes bingo halls to make a comeback in 2021?

The Most Entertaining Bingo Halls You’ve Ever Seen

Shoreditch’s Hot New Neon Bingo Hall

On June 24, 2021, Shoreditch opened Hijingo, a multi-sensory bingo experience. Described as the future of bingo, Hijingo takes a fast and immersive approach to classic bingo by utilizing visual effects and advanced audio — think bingo hall meets nightclub. Hijingo lodges 200 players inside its venue near Liverpool Street Station. The 8,000 square feet space is full of neon lights, 3D cinema speakers and offers visitors a lineup of Asian-inspired street food and drinks. Shoreditch has a range of quirky and fun restaurants to go to, but opening a funky bingo hall is taking its reputation up a notch.

Bingo Loco Is Heading To The UK

After a successful stint in the United States, Canada, and Australia, Bingo Loco is coming to the United Kingdom this summer. In what looks like a dance music festival, Bing Loco is offering players a new type of bingo experience that’s full of confetti showers, extravagant costumes, stage performers, and speed Macarena. At some point amid the chaos, a game of bingo is played. Bingo Loco is on tour, stopping at Romford at the end of July and then everywhere from Cambridge, Milton Keynes, and Leeds in August.

According to, bingo’s history can be traced back to Italy in 1530 before being introduced to France in the 1770s. Britain was soon after introduced, and the game became an integral part of British identity. Since then, trends have come and gone, and online casinos have attracted new generations to the industry.

One thing is evident in this new world, though: old things are making a comeback in modern entertainment as we cover at For instance, podcasts are essentially radio, and book publishers release individual chapters on smartphone apps to attract audiences, something Charles Dickens is famously known for doing in newspapers in the 1800s. In the gambling industry, bingo halls are returning, but in a fun and fashionable way that will attract the modern generation.

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