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Countries with the lowest Covid and mortality rates have the highest vaccination rates.

Sounds natural. In countries with a large population of Covid vaccines, the number of deaths from Covid is low, and in many cases the number of cases is low.

This makes perfect sense, but for quite a few people who don’t want to get a jab, or at least lack urgency, it means it’s worth a look.

Extensive vaccination is the main reason behind the current low levels of Covid restrictions we are currently enjoying. Despite the stubbornly high Covid rate in the UK, deaths and serious illnesses remain low enough, not overwhelmed by the NHS, and society can remain open.

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Vaccine intake is high in the UK, but it is even higher in some parts of the world and benefits from it. In the UK, 46.5 million people are double-jabbed, and more than 10 million are not (although some are not qualified for age or health). This means that there is still a significant pool for the virus to circulate inside and put unnecessary pressure on medical services.

WalesOnline looked at some of the data from the countries with the highest levels of vaccination to see what the benefits were.

The countries we include are Bulgaria (one of the lowest vaccination rates in Europe), Portugal (almost 90%, the highest vaccination rate in the world), France (higher vaccination rates and more public than the UK). Vaccine passport required at the location). ), Japan (there are few cases of Covid at this time), Germany (the number of cases is large but the vaccination rate is high), Cuba (one of the highest percentages of double jabs in the world), the United States (less than 60% complete). The number of people vaccinated against) and the United Kingdom.

The graph below shows both population-based cases and deaths.

As you can see, France, the UK and Germany have the newest cases in the last few weeks, but Portugal (high vaccination rate) has significantly less. In contrast, Bulgaria has significantly fewer cases. So is the vaccine not working? Well, no.

Looking at the second graph, we can easily see that the number of deaths in Bulgaria (less than 25% fully vaccinated) is simply the highest, despite the very small number of cases. The second highest number of deaths is in the United States, where vaccination rates are low. Again, this is despite the lower case rates than in many European countries.

Today, like all Covids, much is happening here. With all the variables, it is difficult to determine the cause and effect. These include:

  • How long ago everyone was jabbed (immunity may be weakened)
  • Age of population
  • Age of people infected with the virus (young people are much less likely to die)
  • The temperament of people in a country (for example, Japanese people are more likely to follow rules such as wearing masks)

However, it is clear that countries receiving high levels of vaccination can clearly tolerate a higher percentage of Covids before the impact on medical services is felt.

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Countries with the lowest Covid and mortality rates have the highest vaccination rates.

Source link Countries with the lowest Covid and mortality rates have the highest vaccination rates.

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