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Covid-19 approved antivirals need to be “rethought” for Omicron variants

Covid-19 antivirals approved for use in the United Kingdom need to be “rethought” for variants of Omicron, the UK’s chief medical officer said.

Molnupiravir, available at home, is positive for Covid tests and is intended for people over the age of 60 who have at least one risk factor for developing serious illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Professor Chris Whitty said the deployment needs to be revisited to ensure that it is targeting the “right direction.”

Approved for use in the UK on November 4th.

Professor Whitty said at a press conference in Downing Street on Saturday: that.

“There are different methods that can be used in different ways. All you need to know is these inventories, what looks like a very effective drug, what you use in the most effective way. people.

“Where you’re on the road from the beginning … when you come up with their place, we need to ponder, and I think we probably need to rethink it to see the new variant. , We are in the right direction. “

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the United Kingdom has previously stated that the drug is safe and effective in reducing the risk of hospitalization and death for people with mild to moderate Covid who are at high risk for the virus. ..

Ridgeback Biotherapeutics and Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) drugs work by blocking viral replication and keeping levels low in the body to prevent the virus from multiplying.

Last month, it was announced that 480,000 courses of molnupiravir were secured after a study found a 50% reduction in hospitalization and mortality in mild to moderate patients with at least one risk factor for molnupiravir. rice field.

The United Kingdom was the first country in the world to approve its use and was described by Health Minister Sajid Javid as a “game changer”.

Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia, said:

“I suspect that the most effective treatments, such as dexamethasone, are not particularly affected by Omicron, because the drug targets the body’s response to the virus, not the virus.

“Recently approved drugs that inhibit viral replication, such as molnupiravir, can cause viral mutations and cause Covid to develop antiviral resistance, which is also seen in antiviral drugs with other viruses. increase.

“But it’s amazing that such antiviral resistance develops before using these drugs. As a result, I’m not more resistant to this class of antivirals. I doubt it.

“However, these drugs based on monoclonal antibodies may be less effective against highly mutated viruses.

“I personally don’t think Omicron has a dramatic impact on therapeutic strategies, except for monoclonal antibodies, because their effectiveness may be diminished.”

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Covid-19 approved antivirals need to be "rethought" for Omicron variants

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