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Covid NI: Opposition to vaccine passports is “amazing and reckless,” says Eastwood.

Opposition to the introduction of vaccination passports was accused of being “amazing and reckless” by SDLP leader Colum Eastwood.

Eastwood DUP When Sinn Féin Party After they opposed the proposal to require proof of vaccination in hospitality and entertainment facilities.

The minister agreed to a plan to withdraw the requirement for a 1 meter social distance in the store, but decided that the only plan to require a so-called vaccination passport to enter the venue was advice.

Eastwood accused the decision of being “irresponsible” in a warning of pressure on medical services during the winter.

He said: “This is a moment for political leadership.

“The warning from senior medical services professionals was not clear.

“Unless the infection rate drops, we see a harsh winter scenario where we push healthcare workers beyond their limits and some paramedics collapse.

“I can’t forgive it.

“The choice we have now is to increase vaccination or introduce restrictions.

“In a few weeks, we have no choice.

“This was the moment to act.

“Evidence from other regions implementing vaccine certification programs is that it promotes vaccine intake, especially in the younger age group.

“This is unpleasant and no one wants to be in this situation, but if this saves lives and protects our medical services, of course we need to do it and do it quickly. there is.”

At a meeting on Monday night, SDLP Minister Nicola Maron opposed the DUP and Sinn Féin’s proposal that social distance measures would be withdrawn at some venues without the need for vaccine certification.

Maron suggested COVID vaccine The passport was introduced by regulation but was blocked by an executive vote.

Eastwood added: “It’s amazing and reckless that the DUP and Sinn Féin ministers kicked the can instead of bringing certainty and clarity.

“Their decision to remove the social distance requirement and advise companies to opt in, rather than putting vaccine certification into regulation, is completely irresponsible.

“Not only does this provide no incentive for vaccination, but it also makes the company completely responsible.

“This is a cop and another failure of leadership.”

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Covid NI: Opposition to vaccine passports is "amazing and reckless," says Eastwood.

Source link Covid NI: Opposition to vaccine passports is "amazing and reckless," says Eastwood.

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