CPD activity: Understanding long Covid

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These CPD activities are summarized by Professor Anne Harriss, OHW + CPD Editor, and are related to OHW + Webinar.Long Covid – Catalyst for more interdisciplinary work‘.

Longcovid is a new syndrome and currently has little empirical evidence to underpin clinical care. Therefore, in order to effectively support people living in this condition, health professionals in general, especially those working in occupational health, are aware of the signs and symptoms associated with this condition and have strategies to address them. There is an urgent need to devise. The following activities are designed to further inform you to people with long Covid faces to inform you of the OH care you provide.

Activity 1

Look back at what you saw in the webinar. Think about how it relates to your practice in occupational health, and then how to support workers who want to get back to work while addressing the challenges posed by long Covid. please. Read the article’Diagnosis and management of patients with post-COVID-19 status (“long COVID”): Delphi study‘, Published in the British Journal of General Practice in August 2021. Provides long-term Covid patient awareness, diagnosis, and management recommendations.

Activity 2

Trades Union Congress (TUC) I created a report In 2021, he detailed the experience of a long Covid worker. This report has some interesting recommendations, including:

CPD activity: Understanding long Covid

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