Creating Cybersecurity Measures to Deter Cyber Criminals from Targeting Your Business

The same principle applies to cybercrime, whether you’re a small startup or a Fortune 500 giant. If cybercriminals find an easy access point, they’ll exploit it. Thus, it’s vital for businesses of all sizes to fortify their digital defenses and make themselves less appealing targets.

Cyberattacks are now seen as inevitable in today’s landscape. However, there are strategies to reduce their success rate. While some attackers may target specific organizations, many rely on automated bots or mass social engineering campaigns. These methods aim to exploit vulnerabilities rather than specifically targeting entities.

Securing your digital assets parallels securing physical assets; additional defenses make unauthorized access more challenging. Several steps can help deter cybercriminal attention:

  1. Refer to government guidance: Utilize resources like the UK government’s cyber security guidance to ensure basic security measures are in place.
  2. Train your staff: Regular cyber awareness training is crucial. Human error is a common entry point for cyber attacks, so a well-educated workforce is essential.
  3. Prioritize cyber hygiene: Implement multi-factor authentication, robust password policies, timely account closures, and regular software updates.
  4. Secure your IT infrastructure: Employ layered security measures across email, endpoints, and networks. Consider outsourcing managed detection and response services for comprehensive coverage.
  5. Check for existing breaches: Scan systems for dormant malware or existing breaches that may have gone undetected.
  6. Conduct penetration testing: Regularly test perimeter security to identify and address weaknesses before they’re exploited.
  7. Develop a remediation plan: Prepare for potential breaches with an incident management plan, incident response team, and incident playbook.
  8. Avoid being an easy target: Implement measures to increase security and deter cybercriminals from choosing your business as a target.

By adopting proactive cybersecurity measures, businesses can reduce their vulnerability and make themselves less attractive targets for cybercriminals.

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