Creepy video of the inside of the sunken Miller and Carter Steak Restaurant boat at Lakeside Shopping Center

This spooky footage shows the interior of an abandoned Miller and Carter Steak restaurant submerged in a shopping center lake.

Somma-Mawashi Restaurant Started immersion from the stern We jumped in the water two days before Christmas while the staff was preparing to open for lunchtime.


An urban explorer wanders the abandoned Miller and Carter restaurantCredit: SWNS


A bauble-encrusted Christmas tree still towers over the dining area of ​​the steakhouse.Credit: YouTube


But the deck below the steak restaurant is submerged, with chairs and menus floatingCredit: YouTube

They all evacuated quickly and safely from Thurrock’s boat. Essexbut in the months that followed, the abandoned ship continued to sink.

An urban explorer wandered through a partially submerged ship at the Lakeside Shopping Center and photographed everything he saw.

with a clip urban banana Wandering through creepy restaurants that are clearly abandoned in a hurry.

In some, the table is set with cutlery and glasses, and the food is placed on the kitchen bench.

But the tables are dusty and the food is rotten.

The fridge is still full of booze, and a baubles-encrusted Christmas tree still towers over one of the dining areas.

However, much of the lower deck of the restaurant is under murky water, with floating chairs and almost submerged tables.

Explorer recording findings Youtubeadmitted it was a “dangerous” mission.

In the video, he said, “I really wanted to go to a bar, but I realized I was a fool because it’s actually very dangerous to be here.

“What if you go deeper and get trapped there?”

Paddlewheelers have been at Lakeside for many years. Miller and Carter purchased and renovated it to open as a restaurant in 2019.

It is now closed to the public and it is unknown if the sunken restaurant can be recovered.

A sign pinned to the barrier blocking the passage bears the title ‘Please pardon me’.

“We are working hard to resolve this issue and hope everything goes well soon.

“thank you for understanding.”

The restaurant is located in one of the UK’s busiest and most popular shopping centres, with over 250 shops and eateries.

The family’s Christmas dinner plans were thrown into disarray last December when the restaurant suddenly began to sink.

One customer wrote online: “It looks like the family meal has been cancelled!”

Another wrote, “It will sink like the Titanic.”

One man tweeted.

A woman complained that her Christmas plans were ruined.

She wrote: “I have pictures suggestive of Miller and Carter’s paddle steamer at Lakeside, Thurrock sunk!

“Other arrangements can be made for Christmas Day, so please check!”


The refrigerator is stocked with alcoholCredit: YouTube


The water rises up to the table top on the lower deckCredit: YouTube


food left on the kitchen benchCredit: YouTube Creepy video of the inside of the sunken Miller and Carter Steak Restaurant boat at Lakeside Shopping Center

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