Croatia talks about a “big chance” to beat England through a good midfield. Euro 2020

Croatia has a “big chance” to beat England. Euro 2020 Goalkeeper Dominique Rivakovich insists on the opening round because of the excellent midfield.

Dinamo Zagreb players described Sunday’s match at Wembley as “the biggest match of my career.” For the first time he will represent his country in a major tournament. And despite England’s home advantage, the 26-year-old Croatia believes that Croatia’s midfield total strength can ensure repeated victories in Croatia. 2018 World Cup Semifinals..

“Our midfielder can play against anyone,” said Rivakovich. “I think our midfield is better than them, so I hope it’s a place where we can do well. I think that’s a big opportunity for us. I think their midfielder They’re very good midfielders, not personally saying they’re not that good – but given Luka [Modric], Mateo [Kovacic], [Marcelo] Brozović, [Ivan] With Perisic [Nikola] At the moment, all Vlasic are in good shape. I think that is a great opportunity for us. Mateo has just won the Champions League. England There are also excellent players. I like to see Grealish at Aston Villa. “

Chelsea Champions League defeats Manchester City Kovacic appeared on three winning Real Madrid teams alongside Modric, winning his fourth victory in the tournament. According to Kovacic, the 35-year-old is still one of the best midfielders in the world of football. “Luke is special,” said Chelsea midfielder. “I don’t even know how to describe him. We are very good friends off the pitch so we know how he behaves. He is a great, great professional.

“He has worked hard to get to his current location, one of the best midfielders in the world. At his age you are probably starting to decline many players in their careers. See, but he’s still at the highest level. He’s amazing. He’s made a huge contribution to the national team and his club. He’s playing differently than anyone else. Remembered as one of the three best midfielders in the world of this era, but not the best. “

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Kovacic and former Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren may not be at risk from minor injuries on Sunday, but used their Premier League experience to provide them with inside information about English players. Croatia teammate. “It will stay between us,” Kovacic said. “Honestly, everyone knows the Premier League and British players, so you don’t need to give much advice.

“We all know most of what’s in front of us. It’s a big game and a great stadium. The midfield fight will be tough, but we’re ready. This team played a lot of big games. This is not new to us. “

Croatia talks about a “big chance” to beat England through a good midfield. Euro 2020

Source link Croatia talks about a “big chance” to beat England through a good midfield. Euro 2020

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