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MeIn the sample clues below, you can access the following from the link: Beginner series commentator..Setter names are often linked to Interview with him or her, In case you want to get to know these people better.

Clues news

As New Lord High Chancellor of England Keep thinking whether he was promoted or demoted, Blues Looking back on the mistakes that led him there …

8d Visit Rab, probably Crete – If the members are upset, it’s not ideal (9)
[ definition: not ideal ]
[ wordplay: what Dominic Raab is an example of, inside (“visiting”) anagram of (“constituents agitated”) CRETEIF ]
[ MP inside IERFECT ]

… If incomplete.Meanwhile, the setter Locally known as the Philistines, Using him Philistines nom de guerre Goliath, I remember what it looked like in the 2010s …

25 / 21a A pandemic feature could put Corbyn on the floor if first advertised (6,10)
[ definition: feature of the pandemic ]
[ wordplay: expression describing left-wing person on a dance floor with an initial letter moved up (“if first promoted”) ]
[ SOCIALIST DANCING with the D moved earlier ]

… As a clue to social distance, I still call it “physical distance”, but a cruise ship full of double jab pensioners has set sail.

Later pattern

This is Hectence of Whimsical, “For beginners and those in a hurry” Guardian’s tread puzzle:

10a Broadcast with state support interrupted by Love Island (7)
[ definition: state ]
[ wordplay: reversed (‘backed’) synonym for “broadcast” containing (“interrupted by”) O (“love”) and name of an island ]
[ reversed AIR containing OMAN ]

we Ignore punctuation Our state is Romania. A clue that might not have worked for your grandparents who might have spelled something like ROUMANIA. Why is that so? Identity politics of our old friends. Russians have been fond of “rum” influenced by the Eastern Orthodox Church since the 18th century, and the Soviet enhanced the game in 1953, taking out one “a” to leave “Luminia”.

In Britain, we respected the current country’s decision to point to Rome – and it’s official.from Place Name Standing Committee (PCGN) For official use in the UK:

Supported by Romanian spelling preferences Romania For use in the English context, this form was formalized in 1970 for official use in the United Kingdom. Romania It is now the standard English spelling and should be used in all English contexts unless you quote the old source exactly.

Audience stuck to “Romania” In the 1990s However Unlike BBC monitoring, Not a member of PCGN. I’m missing it! My favorite PCGN decision ends with square brackets.

That’s why This year’s update The person we called Rangoon lives in “Myanmar (Burma)”, but is a “Myanmar citizen” (without parentheses), and the Basseterre person is happy to say “Saint Kitts citizen (St. Kitts)”. You can see that. ) And Nevis. “

In the next challenge, let’s change the name.Is not terrible Czech (Who changed the name of the country to look good on sports shirts?) But 2018: Readers, how do you have a clue? Eswatini??

Clues competition

Thank you for Derby and Joan clues..On this topic, I just tried to get an observation about a couple reaching an impressive wedding anniversary from a registrar contestant at the beginning of the episode. British brain However Seems to have disappeared.. Perhaps the bunter section is only included in the podcast version. More likely, the pandemic brain means I imagined it.

Go ahead. The bold award is given to Hair Apparent in the novel’s length, “Cool Comebacks of the 1980s, Introducing Bowie and Yazoo, and Tips from Jacko-Ace Numbers for Golden Oldies Lovers.”

The runner-up sparked a fun and fierce debate on Phytonelli’s intriguing “Day Joe Brand Moves North at a Social Club” and Porcia’s “A Couple Riding?” I personally classify it as a definition of weight. The winner is Sheamlas’ unclassifiable but adorable “he is said to be equipment, and she is a saint!”.

From Kludos to Sheamlas. Please leave an entry for this two-week contest and a selection from large format ciphers below.

What’s new in collaboration playlists Healing music recorded in 2020-21 to accompany or listen to a solution It is a spot of Saty.

When solved, Sati’s Gnocienne 1 played by John Robin is saved.

Two weeks of clues

It took a while, but it was worth the playful solution nutmegClue …

21a Authorities with lawyer collars on Curry Street hoped they didn’t (3,3,3)
[ definition: wish they hadn’t ]
[ wordplay: synonym for “the authorities”, containing (“collaring”) abbrev for district attorney (“lawyer”), following (“on”) French word for “street”]
[ THEY containing DA after RUE ]

… For RUE THE DAY. I have no regrets! Take care.

Shipment forecast puzzle book by Alan Connor. This is partial, but mainly not mysterious, You can order from the Guardian Bookstore..

here A collection of all explainers, interviews and other useful information..

Crossword Summary: What do you call Burma these days? | Crossword

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