Croydon Catwalk by Chloe Wu Croydon High School

In November, Croydon High School’s Year 6 Fashion Show is in full swing. Showstopper events are held annually to support various charities chosen by 13-year-olds.

The sixth form concerns increased liability. This event is an excellent preparation for future leadership roles. Sixth form students from Croydon High School and Whitgift School will participate. The show is fully planned by Upper 6. Before that, a Whitgift-Croydon High netball game will be played as an additional fundraiser. There are also various musical activities going on throughout the night.

Croydon High School is supporting two charities this year. First, Great Ormond Street. They are the organization that raises funds to support Great Ormond Street Hospital. Donations will fund renovations, family support, research and equipment. Another of her charities, Smart Works, was founded in 2013. It aims to build women’s confidence through the provision of clothing. They believe clothing can empower a woman to be her true self and win her future.These select charities consider Six her form to be incredibly important. cause it’s support.

One of the students, Aila, was asked to choreograph the 2022 bottom sixth dance. This dance is based on Disney Channel’s “Teen Beach Movie”. Although difficult, she thoroughly enjoys the experience. She said, “The best part of a fashion show for me is everyone coming together and expressing themselves through catwalks, comedy, singing and dancing. I believe it will be a wonderful experience.

Each year, our students conclude the event with pride. Students, teachers and families all sit in awe and thank you for all the hard work you have done so far. It’s almost time for this year’s fashion show. The 6th form is always in preparation. The dance is complete and the catwalk is being practiced. The Six Form team is ready for an unforgettable evening to support the charities that mean so much to them. November 11/12 is definitely going to be another great show.

If you would like to support these charities, you can do so here. Croydon Catwalk by Chloe Wu Croydon High School

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