Cryptocurrency Costume Anchorage Raises $ 80 Million

Following the securing of the National Trust Charter, Ancollage, a costume for digital assets, has raised $ 80 million in a Series C funding round led by Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC.

The round was attended by a16z, Blockchain Capital, Lux, and Indico.

Since its launch in 2017, Anchorage has registered a number of well-known institutional investors as clients to help keep crypto assets secure. The company also extends to a wide range of products and services, from staking and governance to financing and lending, trading and DeFi.

Anchorage says it plans to roll out a number of new services in the coming months, including new protocols and support for new corporate use cases, with new funding. We also want to become a Challenger and a traditional bank crypto partner, giving institutional investors access to DeFI participation.

W Bradford Stephens, Managing Partner of Blockchain Capital, said: Strong catalytic power for institutional adoption, regulatory confidence, and overall maturation of the space. ”

Cryptocurrency Costume Anchorage Raises $ 80 Million

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