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Cuba flag of Black Mountain welcomed by the president of the country

The Cuban president thanked his “Irish friend” after the world’s largest Cuban flag appeared in Belfast. Black Mountain..

The Belfast Chapter of the Cuban Solidarity Forum Ireland, along with Gale Force Art, created a 150 x 75-foot banner that appears on a hillside overlooking the city on Friday.

Next to the flag was a word and hashtag #UnblockCuba indicating the next vote for the United Nations to lift the lead blockade by the United States, an island nation.

Eoin Davey, a member of the Cuban Solidarity Group, said the flag was “a message of hope to the Cubans and a way to emphasize the suffering that the Cubans have endured due to the blockade.”

This action was one of many iconic gestures made around the world in the last few days to attract international attention to trade embargo. A group of volunteers spread the flag on Friday and raised it on Black Mountain.

Cuba’s President Miguel Diaz Cannel Bermudes then tweeted a photo of the Black Mountain flag: “The world’s largest flag of Cuba is on Mount Black in Belfast. Ireland will always face the Cuban people and the success of their revolution. #UnblockCuba.”

He also tweeted: “Irish friends and Cubans living in Ireland raised the Cuban flag on the mountain in Belfast. The flag is 46 x 23 meters and is the largest in the world. Flags, huge slogans and #UnblockCuba With that request. “

On their Facebook page, the Cuban Solidarity Group described the flag placement as a “moving and beautiful gesture.”

Eoin Davey told Belfast Live that the Gael Force Art team worked for several weeks to create the flag. Many of the flags were hand-sewn.

He added: “The Cuban people live under this blockade, but through a pandemic, they continue to send teams of doctors around the world to help people as much as possible. Doing this with the flag, with them Showing solidarity is the bare minimum we can do. So much love and humanity get this act, flag making, and basic things like soap and toothpaste, and even headache tablets. It was devoted to emphasizing the suffering of the Cuban people who were prevented from doing so. “

Eoin argued that if U.S. President Joe Biden was proud of his Irish roots, he would have to act to end the blockade of “another island nation in great distress.” ..

Some of the people who helped carry the flag to the hillside Southdown MP Chris Hazard.The· Sinn Féin Party The move was part of a global push for “the international community to support Cuba” prior to the vote of the UN General Assembly on June 23, officials said.

In the last few weeks of his presidency, Donald Trump pursued a hard-line policy against Cuba and designated Cuba as a “national supporter of terrorism.”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the time said the United States had designated Cuba “by repeatedly supporting international terrorist acts in providing terrorists with a safe port.” This is a charge rejected by Havana.

In last year’s presidential election, Biden promised to overturn Trump’s policies, saying he “did nothing to harm the Cuban people and promote democracy and human rights.”

The flag was later removed by the organizer due to concerns that it could be damaged if left unattended for too long.

Cuba flag of Black Mountain welcomed by the president of the country

Source link Cuba flag of Black Mountain welcomed by the president of the country

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