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Dad receives a catastrophic diagnosis after falling into a run

The prospective father was informed of the catastrophic news that his partner had terminal cancer just months after his first child became pregnant.

When Peter Kerr first fell in February of this year and turned his knees back, he put it in the stress of leaving work.

However, he went to see his GP when the 35-year-old player fell again in the next week’s run and began to lose speech and movement in his right arm.

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Peter said his condition was initially dismissed as anxiety and was referred for conversational therapy.

But as they continued to get worse, he returned to the doctor for a hospital referral before going to A & E.

Peter’s wife Helen, 42, who is now eight months pregnant, echo: “He went for a run in the first week of February, and he collapsed.

“He was laid off, so I thought it was probably due to it and stress. It wasn’t until the next week that it started to get worse.

“Pete was able to speak, but it took me a long time to find the words and it was really late. It came to the point where I was speaking for him.”

Peter and Helen advanced their wedding after Peter was diagnosed with a brain tumor in March.

After going to A & E on February 17, Peter underwent a series of tests, including MRI and CT scans.

A scan revealed that Peter had a brain tumor and was referred to surgery a few days later.

On March 5, a 35-year-old man was recalled to the hospital and diagnosed with an aggressive type of stage 4 cancer in his brain called glioblastoma.

Helen said: “I think it hit us at different times. I didn’t cry. I was just paralyzed because so much was happening in your brain.

“I was 12 weeks pregnant when the news came out. I don’t know how you would react in that situation, but I still don’t know them, so it makes sense to think about what happens. There is no. It is at the moment. “

8 months pregnant wife Helen with Peter Kerr and her first child
8 months pregnant wife Helen with Peter Kerr and her first child

Peter added:

“”[The consultant] Life expectancy for people with this type of tumor is 12-18 months, but he said, “You have the age of your side.”

To raise awareness and support Peter and Helen during this tragic period, Peter’s friend David Cedarholm Heswall NS Wirral, Trying to break the world record in October.

In the challenge, David tries to break the Guinness World Records on most golf shots within 24 hours. The current record is 10,392.

All Money Raised Through David gofundme page Divided between Peter, Helen and the Lewis Moody Foundation.

Originally from Northern Ireland and currently living in Keynsham, Somerset, Peter is currently receiving chemotherapy and is exploring alternative treatment options.

When Peter and Helen first learned of their diagnosis, they decided to move forward with a wedding that was initially put on hold due to coronavirus restrictions.

The couple got married on March 31st and are waiting for the birth of a baby girl arriving on September 14th.

Peter said: “A baby was born along the way. This is the focus of both of us.

“We not only take care of each other, but there is another little person who has to take care of each other. That is my focus. It gives me a bright and shining light.”

David said: “It’s just a horrible situation. I worked together [Peter] We stayed in touch for most of the five years and have been good friends ever since.

“When I was told, I didn’t know what to do myself. If I don’t know what to do, don’t I know what to do when they are alive?”

Peter and Helen said the challenges David set himself were “amazing” and “humility” in the support he had received so far.

To visit the gofundme page and donate click here.

Dad receives a catastrophic diagnosis after falling into a run

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