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Dad was “ignored” by the school after offering to pay a student a £ 1,800 school lunch loan

NS Father If you want to repay the lunch debt that school children have accumulated, I received “no reply” to his offer.

Gwynedd is a parenting blogger and four fathers, Simon Harris, intervening when parents at Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle Middle School in Penygroes receive a letter warning that they will not give their children dinner without their account. I tried.

According to North Wales Live, after the letter was leaked online, Harris called the letter “crazy” and said he would pay an unpaid £ 1,800 in all student accounts.

However, Harris, who runs a blog called Man Behaving Dadly, said his offer was not accepted by the school.

The school has canceled the ultimatum to parents

In a Facebook post, Harris said: “After offering to pay the student’s lunch debt at Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle, I didn’t get a reply to the tweet or email. If I try to send money to them, I get a refund.”

However, the school is currently making a U-turn on this issue, telling local parents that food is no longer withheld.

“The welfare of children and adolescents is always our priority,” the Gwynedd Council, the municipality responsible for the school, said in a statement, and parents struggling to pay should be contacted. ..

Instead, the four dads decided to donate money to a local food bank.

He writes: “Therefore, we are pleased to have donated £ 1,800 to Arfon Food Bank / Banc Bwyd Arfon, a food bank linked to the Trussell Trust closest to the village.

“Some of their food packages go to families within the school’s catchment area, so it will benefit families who still have students in school.”

Harris donated to a food bank instead
Harris donated to a food bank instead

An Essex-based blogger told North Wales Live:

Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle’s letter has received a lot of media attention since it was posted on social media last week.

Premier League soccer player and advocate of free school lunch Marcus Rashford responded to the letter by calling on schools to “understand” the situation of their students.

Was announced Free school lunch is provided to elementary school students in Wales As part of the New Deal between Welsh workers and Prad Camry.

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Dad was "ignored" by the school after offering to pay a student a £ 1,800 school lunch loan

Source link Dad was "ignored" by the school after offering to pay a student a £ 1,800 school lunch loan

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