Danyal Hussein: Blackheath teen imprisoned for murder

A teenager from Blackheath has been imprisoned for at least 35 years for killing two sisters as part of the Devil’s Blood Agreement.

Daniel Hussein, 19 years old, stabbed by savagery Bever Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, died last June at Wembley Park in northern London.

Old Bailey has heard that he has launched a “revenge campaign” against random women after failing to bid for the Mega Millions Super Jackpot Lottery prize of £ 321 million.

Police tracked him through DNA and revealed a handwritten pledge to a demon entity called King Rukifgerofokale to kill six women every six months signed with blood.

Hussein refused to provide evidence in his trial, claiming he was not responsible for the killing or making an agreement.


He was He was found guilty of two crimes: murder and possession of a knife.

Following Hussein’s conviction in July, his sister’s mother, The Venerable Mina Smallman, said, “I have never encountered such an evil.”

On Thursday, Hussein appeared in court with a video link from Belmarsh’s Supreme Security Prison for “Covid’s Reasons” while his sister’s family was sitting in court.

Judge Whipple sentenced Hussein to life imprisonment for at least 35 years.

She told Hussein: “Early on Saturday, June 6, 2020, you brutally killed Nicole Smallman and Biver Henry.

This is my hometown London: Metropolitan Police DepartmentI met the police

“You found these two women. You were strangers to them. You surprised them, feared them, and you killed them.”

She said Hussein pulled out the bodies, raised them in a hug, and “dirty” them dead.

The judge said the lives of the victims’ loved ones were “shattered.”

She referred to a statement about the impact on the victims of the sister’s mother, who said she was “ghosted” by her knowledge of how her children were suffering.

Regarding the A Deal with the Devil, the judge said, “I am confident that you have committed these murders as part of negotiations for wealth and power.”

She added that it was part of his belief system, as the agreement looked “strange.”

She told Hussein, “You committed these vicious attacks. You did it to kill. You did it for the pursuit of money and false power.”

This is my hometown London: All night for my sistersAll night for sisters

Defendant was sitting facing away from the court when he was sentenced.

Previously, prosecutor Oliver Glasgow QC excluded whole life insurance because of Hussein’s age.

Glasgow said there were “significant” exacerbating features, including bringing knives to the scene and destroying evidence.

He said: “His anger is the product of his belief in Satanism and his belief that you can enter into negotiations with the devil.

“That belief system was what he studied for a while.”

In preparation for the killing, Hussein bought a black balaclava from Asda with a knife and Amazon and signed up for the lottery betting website.

Early on June 6th last year, he stalked a victim celebrating Ms. Henry’s birthday at Fryent Country Park in Wembley, north of London.

After Hussein stabbed Ms. Henry eight times, Ms. Smallman bravely counterattacked and slashed 28 times.

Then he dragged them into the bush, where he lay undiscovered for 36 hours.

During a barbaric attack, Hussein cut his right hand with a 12 cm knife and dropped it into the grass.

In the next 10 days, Hussein spent £ 162.88 on lottery tickets and bets, all unsuccessful.

On the evening of June 6, sisters’ worried loved ones reported they were missing, but officers were not stationed in the park until the next day.

Before they arrived, Smallman’s desperate boyfriend, Adam Stone, found the body because she couldn’t believe she would leave her pet bearded dragon unattended.

Police officers then scrutinized and identified the DNA of an unknown man from the blood of the knife, body, and surrounding scenes.

On June 30, last year, a major breakthrough was the connection between Hussein’s father, who had been wary of the past, and his DNA family.

Within an hour and a half, Hussein was identified on CCTV, who bought a knife in Asda and returned home after the murder.

A search of his bedroom in southeast London found a spellbook, a handwritten devil symbol, and two blood covenants.

The jury was unaware of how Hussein was obsessed with demons, spells, and potions.

He was drawn to the police, only 15 years old, for fear of being vulnerable to extremism and violent extremism.

Prior to the killing, Hussein contacted others about the devil and love potion and conducted an online investigation into the far-right and Norse mythology.

He is believed to have been influenced by the work of an American black sorcerer associated with the British-based Nazi Satanist group Order of Nine Angles.

Last week, Facebook deleted his page and Instagram account, and YouTube started a review.

Two police police officers will be charged with illegal acts in public office after sharing photos of the crime scene on WhatsApp and will file a petition on November 2.

Separately, the Independent Police Complaints Committee has completed an investigation into the response to the first missing person report.

On Monday, police guard dogs discovered that the level of service provided by Met on the weekend when the sisters went missing was “below the standard it should have been.”

Danyal Hussein: Blackheath teen imprisoned for murder

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