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Darts icon Andy Fordham was “afraid to die” months before he died on his wife’s side.

darts Legendary Andy Fordham said he was “afraid to die” months before he died Thursday at the age of 59.

Known as the Viking, Fordham died on his wife’s side In breaking news this afternoon.

Fordham won the 2004 BDO World Championships and was one of the most popular sports players to play in 12 consecutive World Championships from 1995 to 2006, making an impressive comeback in the 2015 Grand Slam. Played.

Fordham, famous for defeating 24 lagers before the match in recent years, suffers from health problems and was diagnosed with the coronavirus earlier this year.

It followed surgery for ileus.

“Now I’m just trying to deal with it,” he told The Sun in January.

“But I told my doctor that the virus could attack you soon.

Fordham won a lot in the course of his career

“My greatest fear is that when I wake up one morning, I can’t breathe and I’m behind an ambulance. I won’t see my wife and children again after that.”

Fordham suffers from health problems, which he stopped about 14 years ago, but he mainly stopped drinking heavily.

In February, he was taken to the hospital and had an intestinal surgery draining 16 liters of water from his body.

Fordham took a photo with his wife last year in his last known photo

He also said he couldn’t walk painlessly because of an groin injury and in January he hadn’t played darts for a year.

“Looking down the stairs, I see a darts board in the hall, but I haven’t played for nearly a year.

“I miss it, but now my focus is only on defeating this virus.”

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Andy Fordham
Fordham was keen to return to darts next year

He defeated the coronavirus, describing it as the “most horrifying thing” he had ever faced, planning to return to darts and enrolling in next year’s World Senior Darts Championship.

Fordham died Thursday morning with his wife, Jenny.

Darts icon Andy Fordham was "afraid to die" months before he died on his wife's side.

Source link Darts icon Andy Fordham was "afraid to die" months before he died on his wife's side.

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