Data analysis company Uplinq acquires Verde

Uplinq Financial Technologies, an innovative data analytics company that serves the global small business lending community, is Verde International’s Intellectual Property (IP) of advanced behavioral, economic, financial models, and cutting-edge optimization methods. Announced acquisition. As part of the trading structure, Verde International CEO Pat Reilly will join Uplinq as co-founder.

Uplinq has completed the IP acquisition of a regulatory-compliant decision-making engine for Verde International SMEs with artificial intelligence (AI). This move is part of the company’s plan to transform the way small business lenders evaluate the credit decisions and risk profiles of new and existing customers globally. To this end, the acquisition of IP will enable the company to provide its customers with scientifically validated financial results. This cannot be provided by other service providers.

Through this IP acquisition, Uplinq will benefit from exciting technology that has served as a fundamental component for underwriting over $ 1.4 trillion in loans over the last 15 years.

In addition to the IP acquisition, Verde International CEO Pat Reilly will join Uplinq as co-founder. With over 30 years of experience in financial services, Pat is in an ideal position to assist the company as it moves towards a full-scale launch in the first quarter of 2022.

Throughout his career, Pat has held several senior positions at many legacy financial institutions, advised the U.S. Government and the World Bank on issues related to credit lending, and has been a continuous thought leader speaker at the G20. I did. Pat brings this wealth of experience to Uplinq, enabling the company to establish true credibility within its sector from day one of its launch.

Pat Reilly, CEO of Verde International and co-founder of Uplinq, commented on the acquisition of IP: In the future, Uplinq will be able to benefit from true AI brains within a suite of solutions and increase the diversity of users who can deliver the system.

Alongside Ron and other members of the Uplinq team, I am currently launching a business in early 2022 and is committed to transforming the world of small business (SMB) lending. ”

Ron Benegbi, Founder and CEO of Uplinq, commented: The technology provided by Verde greatly simplifies the creditor decision process for lenders. Once integrated into the platform, it will give SMB easy access to capital at this critical time. Our service has never been more difficult for small business owners to access capital, especially as lenders seek to better support SMBs for minorities and immigrants who do not have a bank account. More needed than ever. “

Data analysis company Uplinq acquires Verde

Source link Data analysis company Uplinq acquires Verde

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