David Carrick ‘took photos of sexual assault victims to No10 and sent images of police firearms’

A middle-class divorcee named Emma, ​​she said that while Carrick was waiting for a cab in Stevenage, Carrick grabbed her hand and kissed her, proclaiming, “I will marry you someday.” I explained how we met.

After he shoved his phone number into her phone, the mother of three children, captivated by his confidence, quickly moved in with him, allegedly beginning a campaign of abuse.

She was flogged as punishment for supposedly talking to another man and forced into a narrow, dark space under his stairs.

Emma says Carrick boasted of guarding VIPs while playing an elite role in protecting key sites, including the Capitol.

she said mail online: “I was ridiculed, teased and humiliated. I was told what to wear, what to eat and how much to eat.

“I was told to walk behind me, not sideways or forward. I was flogged. I was urinated on.

My chest sat up. I was strangled, kicked and threatened. Emails have been sent wishing me to die in a car accident or cancer. I was told I was worthless and would rather die. “

Carrick was known to flash a warrant card at the start of a date with a woman who later accused him of rape and revealed his military nickname to be “Bastard Dave.” bottom.

Carrick regularly joked that Boris Johnson was biking to Downing Street and sent him pictures of police weapons.

Rapist cop David Carrick took a selfie featuring police firearms

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However, the PC has now admitted 49 charges against 12 women between 2003 and 2020, including 48 counts of rape, exposing women to violence and corruption, and controlling their behavior. included.

Exposure of carrick as a serial predator After it was revealed that he was allowed to return to work just weeks after he was first accused of rape, it plunged Scotland Yard into a new crisis.

PC David Carrick of Congressional and Diplomatic Protection Command at the Met

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Carrick was arrested in July 2021. scotland yard It was embroiled in scandals and faced enormous pressure to deal with its culture, especially allegations of sexual abuse and crimes against women.

Commissioner at the time Cressida Dick After a series of damaging scandals, her unit publicly claimed to be determined to eradicate corrupt officers and reform the unit.

However, Carrick did not receive a suspension or face new scrutiny as a result of the July 2021 rape allegations.

Carrick never returned to duty as he faced a second rape arrest and the true extent of his crime was finally revealed.

Carrick is currently in custody pending sentencing next month.

Mrs. Cressida’s successor, Sir Mark Raleigh, unveiled a nine-point plan to wipe out the scandal-stricken force.

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/david-carrick-rapist-victim-downing-street-police-b1054639.html David Carrick ‘took photos of sexual assault victims to No10 and sent images of police firearms’

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