Despite crime scare, Orpington is London’s safest neighborhood

Orpington Bromley London is just two miles north of Kent and has two areas that are safer than any other in London, according to Met Police data.

Orpington South and Crofton have an average of 29 crimes per 1,000 population.

However, recent robberies in the area have left locals worried about their safety.

Tracy Copley, 57, manager of the Scope charity shop on Orpington High Street, told the Local Democracy Reporting Service: Very unpleasant and lots of shoplifting going on.

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“We stay away. We’ve been robbed twice in three weeks.”

Copley claims several charity shops were also robbed months ago.

However, only Scope was robbed for the second time, leaving the employees feeling defenseless and “like targets”.

she said: Now I leave the light on every night because I don’t want to walk in the dark. It makes me a little nervous going to work because I don’t know what I’ll find.

“You don’t have to. I love what I do, I love what I do. I don’t have to worry about walking into the workplace.”

The charity is still looking for funds to replace the stolen items, the store manager said.

The overall presence in the area is low, even though the police responded very quickly when she reported the crime.

She said: ‘In Orpington you can’t see the police unless you’re passing by with the lights on.

“But I want to know that if something happens, I can grab a police officer outside or when I run over.

Andy Sage, 78, has lived in Orpington for six years.

: Andy Sage, 78, said the police presence in the area has declined since the local train station closed. Credit: Facundo Arrizabalaga / My London

He claims that, apart from the recent robbery at a charity shop, there hasn’t been much crime in the area, and there aren’t many police.

Sage told LDRS: And with the pubs closed, the Wetherspoons became less crowded, so it got even better. ”

“It’s hard not to drink beer,” he added.

Locals said there was a police station in nearby Pettswood but claimed it had taken a long time to respond since it was closed.

he said: Now I can only do 101. By the time they respond, it will be too late.

“Completely lacking police. No one is watching.”

Kim Botting, the Conservative councilor who represents Orpington Borough, told LDRS that she was a retired police chief inspector who worked closely with the council and the police to improve the area. .

she said:

“We also successfully recruited more police officers to patrol Orpington’s High Street.

“Police need to comment as we are sorry to read these recent incidents.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told LDRS that they are aware of the concerns in the area and that they “always do their best” when incidents are reported.

They added:

“They welcome input from residents and will act on the information provided to take preventative measures to tackle crime when the opportunity arises.

“We are committed to working with locals to ensure they feel safe and secure in their communities.”

Kevin Golding, 61, has lived in the area for 60 years.

Kevin Golding, 61, said he believes there are 15 charity shops on Orpington High Street. Credit: Facundo Arrizabalaga / My London

He said he didn’t hear much about crime in Orpington.

He said, “There aren’t that many shops here. I think that’s why there are so many kinds of misdemeanor crime in Bromley.

“If you walk down Orpington High Street, there are probably 15 charity shops.”

A spokesperson for the Bromley Council told LDRS:

“As our town center continues to evolve and thrive, we will continue to support local residents and businesses through our ongoing partnership with Orpington 1st BID. [Business Improvement District], is working hard to bring in more investment and coordinate boulevard activities and improvements to help make Orpington a great place to live. ”

A spokesperson for Orpington 1st said the area has a thriving business community and work is being done to make the High Street more welcoming to shoppers.

They added:

“With vacancies well below the national average, businesses continue to see opportunities in Orpington and we look forward to working closely with our partners to improve our town.” Despite crime scare, Orpington is London’s safest neighborhood

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