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Despite Tory pressure, Downing Street supports raising national insurance

Downing Street He suggested that the increase in national insurance would not be delayed after the Prime Minister demanded shelving.

Leader of the House of Commons Jacob Riis Mog In a comment leaked to the media, he told the Cabinet that as inflation and energy bills rise, the rise should be abandoned.

Prime minister Concerns over people suffering from living expenses seem to have prompted them to abolish the £ 12bn increase annually.

However, Downing Street today claimed that there were “no plans” to delay the 1.25% rise in April.

An official spokesman for the Prime Minister said:

“The Cabinet collectively agrees to that approach and recognizes the public’s priority in ensuring the NHS has the funding needed to tackle the backlog exacerbated by Covid.”

Reesemog apparently said the government should dismiss civil servants to save money and “questioned productivity” for teleworkers, The Times reported.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Citing Universal Credit’s taper cut and the £ 500m household support fund, he reportedly defended taxation and mitigation measures implemented to help those facing additional costs.

In today’s Commons, Reese Mogg answered the Labor Party’s question as to whether he called for the abolition of hiking.

Shadow Commons leader Tangamu Debonair said: According to the Financial Times, given that he is currently asking his government to abolish the national insurance tax hike, this is what we have been asking for since it was announced.

“I wonder-is he trying to get over the floor? There is space.”

The senior Tories replied: “She thinks I might be able to change her mindset. I think this is wishful thinking. Not only does she mention taxpayer money as her question progresses. As a good principle of Tory, it has become increasingly clear that we always call it taxpayer money, as we recognize that there is no money from anywhere else. , She is becoming Euroceptic.

“She became a stubborn Brexiteer because the only way our socialist friends could advocate reducing fuel VAT is to leave the European Union. She previously did so. If you’re still in the megalithic state you were campaigning for … you can’t reduce your fuel VAT. “

Earlier this morning, Transport Minister Grant Chaps suggested that they stick to the rise.

He told the BBC Radio 4 Today Program: We have a joint responsibility. “

Despite Tory pressure, Downing Street supports raising national insurance

Source link Despite Tory pressure, Downing Street supports raising national insurance

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