Deutsche Bank publishes post-transaction AI treatise

According to Deutsche Bank’s new white paper, Unleashing the Potential of AI in Securities Services, investors’ desire to avoid custodian bank settlement failure penalties and cookie cutter services is given by artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. It is set to be.

This white paper explores how AI is used in post-trading securities services and custody, providing an overview of use case examples, insights into key algorithms, important governance considerations, and ensuring. Provides an overview of AI in this area, including a set of key recommendations for. Follow best practices.

However, careful consideration and preparation are required to unlock the potential of this transformation of AI.

Boon-Hiong Chan, Global Head of Securities Market Development and Technology Advocacy for Deutsche Bank Securities Services, said: “Proactively identifying use cases, addressing contextual issues, and working together to address them, including the acquisition of real-time data, is an important part of the industry’s progress. The guide aims to raise industry awareness of some of these considerations and to better understand how AI technology can be used to create new value. “

Possible applications of AI technology have not yet been fully explored, but many compelling use cases have already emerged. In this white paper, we will apply AI-driven client segmentation to help custodians better understand their clients and develop products and services that meet the common needs of a particular segment, and make payments using AI. Learn how to proactively detect and prevent failures in.

“There’s a lot of talk around AI in our industry, but it’s a difficult situation to navigate and lacks a clear direction,” said AI Product Responsibility, Product Management, Deutsche Bank Securities Services. Marcus Storm, who is a person, says. “This white paper provides four important recommendations for anyone considering investing in this new technology. Develop an industry-level focused AI agenda and gain the right expertise. Procure and embed, clarify audit requirements, and, importantly, put them all together to ensure you have the complete package you need to succeed. ”

Deutsche Bank publishes post-transaction AI treatise

Source link Deutsche Bank publishes post-transaction AI treatise

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