Digital River uses Trevi Pay

TreviPay, a global business-to-business payments firm, today announced the launch of a payments solution with Digital River, an experienced global commercial enabler for established and fast-growing brands.

This technology enables Digital River to further automate and develop a consumer-like buying experience for B2B clients to accelerate business expansion on a global level.
Digital river

“Digital River is constantly looking to add new and innovative payment methods to its global seller services to help it grow its brand in markets around the world,” said Eric, Digital River’s Chief Payment Officer. Christensen says. “Given TreviPay’s global presence and ability to remove friction from the buying process, it was clear that B2B clients were naturally suitable for increasing buyer loyalty.”

TreviPay offers a world-class scalable white-label payment solution that gives Digital River clients a strong competitive edge in B2B solutions, extending internet requirements and billing at checkout at e-commerce stores. I will. With TreviPay, B2B buyers receive a streamlined consumer-like buying experience, eliminate buyer friction typical of corporate purchases, and promote buyer loyalty and repetitive purchases.

“Digital River’s vast software suite and partner ecosystem showcases true leadership and innovation in the B2B marketplace space,” said Brandon Spear, CEO of TreviPay. “TreviPay can not only grow in line with Digital River’s continued growth, but the technology also helps the company strengthen relationships with existing clients and foster new relationships.”

Digital River uses Trevi Pay

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