Discover or re-discover these London gardens

To get some fresh air and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, many people go to the park to lie on the grass, sit on a bench and watch life go by or have a picnic. London has many public parks and gardens, but you probably don’t know them all! Discover the capital’s parks and gardens.

Hidden gardens revealed during Open Square Gardens

Remember that scene in Love at first sight in Notting Hill where Hugh and Julia climb over a wall to squat in a private garden ? On 11 and 12 June 2022, the Open Square Gardens will be held: 104 ultra-private gardens will be open to the public.

There is something for everyone: experimental gardens, private gardens, flower gardens, rooftop gardens… But it will also be an opportunity to discover secret gardens nestled in emblematic buildings of the city. Most of these gardens are never open to the public. To make the most of this special event, guided walks are available by reservation. Admission fees to the Open Square Gardens are used to maintain and protect these precious green spaces.

Don’t be surprised if you see small wooden buildings in some of the gardens, as the trend is to have a garden office to work from home in a dedicated space. As you will see, these constructions integrate well with their environment and can be fitted out for all needs and tastes. If you like the idea, visit to find out more about garden offices !

Exceptional gardens and parks

Why not change your habits and visit these exceptional gardens ? They are all easily accessible by public transport and well worth a visit !

Phoenix Garden is a community garden that is run by volunteers to give Londoners a break from stress. Maintained in a ‘wild’ spirit using special techniques, it contains plants that normally grow in dry environments and is home to all sorts of species

Chelsea Physic Garden has no less than 5,000 different plants and 100 different kinds of trees. A sort of oasis of peace where you can come and rest. Founded in 1673 it is also the oldest botanical garden in London.

St John’s Lodge in Regent’s Park was built in 1812 and has been owned by the Kuwaiti royal family since 1994. Although the residence should be private, access to the garden is free and simply beautiful. It contains a pergola but also, among other things, a circular garden with a fountain.

Holland Park is already a beautiful park to come and picnic in, but if you are looking for a quieter spot then Kyoto Gardens is the place to be. Built in the park, this garden has flowers and trees from Japan but also a waterfall.

In Trafalgar Square there is a lovely rose garden at the Artists’ Church, designed by Inigo Jones. Enjoy a visual and olfactory experience, let the beauty and smell of the roses enchant you. Do not hesitate to visit the church itself, built in a classical Italian style.


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