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DIY Mum spends £ 2,500 to turn a rental home into a colorful wonderland

Mother spent hours hard at £ 2,500 DIY The job of turning her boring home into a psychedelic wonderland.

Rachel Heavenhand from Sheffield moved to the property six years ago and “tried to normalize” by maintaining a typical home in beige and gray tones.

However, she could not deny her love for bright colors and quickly changed her fortune.

Single mothers have 45,000 Instagram followers who love her interior style.

Inspired by the music and culture of the 80’s and 90’s, Rachel, 29, asks others for artwork based on her unique tastes.

In addition, daughters Gabriella (9) and Florence (6) love a fun home.

Rachel’s daughters love home decor

Initially, the mother clashed with the landlord in a quirky interior, but eventually she agreed to support her as long as she washed white when she left.

Rachel said Yorkshire Live: “When I first moved home, it was a very neutral and still nice home, but it wasn’t my taste and I wanted to make me feel like a home without excitement.

“I started by upcycling neon colored furniture, then painted the walls pink and continued to add it ever since. It never ends, I always have new ideas and things I want to do. . “

Mom creates her own artwork

Who doesn’t want this funky dining space?

She continued. “I’m constantly changing things. I’m a creative person who just can’t sit still. I wake up with new ideas in the middle of the night. I’m literally depressed if I don’t create. . “

“When I started on a project I couldn’t stop, I drew a turquoise reno on the kitchen floor and then hand-painted a neon pink geometric brush stroke one by one.

“It took me most of the week and I was up all night, until 6am one morning.

“I love color. It’s the best I’ve ever done. Color determines everything and makes me happy.”

Rachel spent just £ 2,500 on a new look to get most of the furniture for free from Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or his family and upcycle it.

Rachel upcycles most furniture

When she moves, mom has to wash her entire property white

She added: “I know it’s not everyone’s taste, but I and my girl love it. That’s all that matters.

“I think a lot of people are scared of the colors. It wasn’t my original taste. He now lives in the beige flat we split and has black furniture, but I have on the wall A girl’s bedroom in his house painting a rainbow mural.

“I have a strange comment,’I have a headache because I couldn’t live here,’ but I find it interesting. Most people appreciate what I create.”

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Rachel’s style extends to her colorfully dyed hair and unusual clothing.

One day she owns her own home and goes home to decorate it as well.

To do this, personal trainers and cosmetologists are determined to be successful interior designers and artists.

She said, “When I move, I hope it’s in my own property where the sky is the limit. If it’s my own home, I’ll build a rainbow and all sorts of things.

“I commissioned for a woman, and she said I couldn’t believe I had Rachel Havenhand’s work of art, which gave me a tremor.

“I’m receiving orders from all over the world, and someone from the United States chooses to put some of my art I create on their walls-like that. I don’t feel like it.

“That’s my dream. I want to be globally recognized in interior design and art.”

DIY Mum spends £ 2,500 to turn a rental home into a colorful wonderland

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