Doctors branded the government “terribly negligent” by excluding Covid Plan B

Doctors hope that stricter Covid restrictions will be reintroduced ahead of this winter (Image: Getty Images).

After the Minister of Health ruled out the immediate implementation of the government’s Coronavirus Plan B, doctors accused him of being “intentionally negligent.”

It is in the midst of a surge in infections and concerns about new variants, both of which led NHS leaders yesterday (October 20) to urge the government to reintroduce stricter Covid rules. I did.

At a Covid-19 press conference yesterday, Sajid Javid said he needed to get the Covid-19 vaccine and booster shots, as well as do things like wear masks in crowded areas.

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Javid warned that the incident could reach 100,000 people a day as the country enters a harsh winter season.

But he said the government would not implement Plan B strategy-in case the NHS was exposed to unsustainable pressure-“at this point”.

BMA criticizes the government

In response to the government’s position, Dr. Chairman of the British Medical Association (BMA) Council Chaand Nagpaul “The Westminster government has said it will enact Plan B to prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed. As a frontline doctor, I can assure you that this is the time.

“With the approval of the Minister of Health himself, 100,000 cases were immediately seen each day, resulting in the same number of weekly Covid deaths as in March, when the country was blocked.

“Therefore, I am very worried that he is willing to take immediate action to save lives and protect the NHS.”

Dr. Nagpol added that the government believed that “the pandemic was behind us, giving the impression that life was back to normal and we took our feet off the brakes.”

He states: “The Westminster government will not take further steps to reduce the spread of the infection, such as forced masking, physical distance and ventilation requirements in high-risk environments, especially in crowded areas indoors. I’m deliberately neglecting.

“These are standard measures in many other countries.”

Doctors want to see the stricter Covid restrictions reintroduced prior to this winter, such as mandatory face coverings (Image: Getty Images).

Dr. Nagpol’s comment was repeated by former Chief Scientific Advisor Mark Wahlberg, who told the BBC’s Newsnight program that the current restrictions on the coronavirus probably “do not hold things.”

He told BBC Newsnight: Yes. It’s very, very delicate. Currently, there are many cases.

“Winter is coming, the flu is probably coming. It’s not a good place. The evidence is that the current measures probably don’t hold things.”

In response to this criticism, a government spokesperson said:

“The vaccination program significantly weakens the link between cases, hospitalizations and deaths and remains our first line of defense against COVID-19.

“People who qualify for booster jabs are advised to step forward to ensure that they receive this important additional protection as winter approaches.”

What is the Government Plan B Strategy?

The government’s Plan B strategy was included in the Covid Winter Strategy launched by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in September.

Strategic Plan A is already in place and focuses on continuing vaccine deployment, promoting booster jab programs, and encouraging people who have not yet received the Covid vaccine.

It also encourages people to be vaccinated against the flu.

If this plan leads to unsustainable pressure on the NHS, the government can look to Plan B.

Under this plan, the UK sees that face coverings will be legally required in some settings, the introduction of mandatory vaccine-only Covid status certification, and the return to work at home. can do.

Doctors branded the government “terribly negligent” by excluding Covid Plan B

Source link Doctors branded the government “terribly negligent” by excluding Covid Plan B

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