Does Eyelash Curler Spoil Your Natural Eyelashes?

Eyelash technicians spread by word of mouth Ticktaku Suggest it Eyelash curlers Is destroying our nature Eyelashes..

Ipek Ozcan, also known as @ipsbeauty Who runs IPS Salon I posted a video of my client’s eyelashes in London. Some of them appeared to be dull and short cuts, apparently due to the use of eyelash curler.

In the text of the video, “Today, when I was cleansing my client’s lashes, I noticed a lot of natural lashes that looked like they were cut.

“Do you know why it looked like this? Because you are using eyelash curlers! We do not recommend using eyelash curlers for natural eyelashes.

“It’s easy to lift lashes, but it’s damaging and literally cuts natural lashes!”

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GLAMOR spoke Laura CarrollFind out if eyelash curlers, the founder of Laura Carroll Make Up Artistry, are responsible for this TikTok eyelash condition.

Do eyelash curlers cut or dull eyelashes?

According to Laura, “not when used properly.” She recommends looking for curlers with a soft pad on the base to cushion the lashes. And even when they are warm, you get better results. “

How can I use eyelash curler safely?

Laura recommends that you follow these steps to use your eyelash curlers safely.

  1. When curling your lashes, tilt your head slightly back (this will prevent it from getting caught in the skin of your eyelids).
  2. Look halfway down, wiggle the lashes into the correct position and gently push them down.
  3. Slowly approach the base of the eyelashes. After checking most of the curler’s lash length, use normal pressing instead of pressing for long periods of time.
  4. Once lifted, first use mascara at the base and stack up to the ends of the lashes (the less mascara at the ends of the lashes, the better it is to keep the light lashes to hold the curls).
  5. If the mascara dries a little and then goes back and makes a subtle curl, make sure this is gentle and create a naturally lifted look.

How else can I protect my eyelashes?

Laura points out that you won’t be able to continue styling without protecting your lashes and explains that it’s important to treat your lashes with extra nutrition … the same is true for your lashes!

“Natural products such as coconut oil and castor oil are popular. Root serums such as Revita Lash are great for keeping your lashes long and long.”

She also recommends cleaning the eyelash curlers regularly after use, in particular If you use it on mascara.

GLAMOR happened to report on another TikTok. It shows a variety of cosmetological hacks (including winged eyeliner and cut creases) that can be used with eyelash curler and does not include nice eyelashes.

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Does this mean we can stick to our beloved curlers for now?

Does Eyelash Curler Spoil Your Natural Eyelashes?

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