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Dominic Raab pays for Afghanistan’s blunder


Ominique Rab’s demotion from Foreign Minister follows widespread criticism of his treatment Afghanistan crisis.

The Taliban swept across the country and members of the militant group were seen relaxing on the beaches of the Greek island as they entered Kabul, but he was on vacation on Crete, but officials and officials He claimed to be in contact with a colleague of the minister.

With Boris Johnson’s decision to move Esher Walton The MP from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Ministry of Justice shows Mr. Raab’s ambitions receding.

Dominic Raab (Stephan Rousseau / PA) / PA wire

He had a Tory leadership design in 2019, but fell into the second hurdle and later favored Johnson.

However, when Johnson was hospitalized for the coronavirus in 2020, he realized that as First Secretary of State, he was effectively leading the government during some of the darkest days of the pandemic.

That role was formalized by Mr. Raab’s title as Deputy Prime Minister.

Karate Black Belt Rab played his image as a Brexit hardman during a leadership race to gain support from Tory rights.

In 2018 he quit him Cupboard The role of Brexit in protesting Theresa May’s approach to this issue.

The 47-year-old woman has been a member of Esher and Walton since 2010 and was a lawyer for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before that.

His political career receded early on, with Mrs. May describing some feminists as “unpleasant tycoons” in a 2011 online article, attacking “equal currents” and men “live trading”. I was particularly angry at saying that I was getting.

At the 2019 Leadership Contest, he said “everything for women who work to maximize their potential,” but “probably doesn’t think of himself as a feminist.”

Dominic Raab pays for Afghanistan’s blunder

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