Domino’s Pizza Announces New The Festive One Pizza and After Eight Cookies

A popular takeaway pizza store has created two new menu items to help customers feel festive with a countdown to Christmas with turkey breast pizza and sticky mint chocolate cookies.

To help customers count down to Christmas and enter the festive spirit, Domino has launched two new festive items, including after-eight cookies.

It takes less than 70 days until the important day, Domino’s pizza Two celebrations have been added to help count down on important days instead of the one added to the menu today.

Yes The most beloved pizza company in the country Meets all Christmas wishes with The Festive One, the first Christmas-themed pizza.

Festive One is packed with the punch you’d expect from Domino. Enjoy the best trimmings with classic Christmas flavors such as juicy and perfectly cooked turkey breast marinated with savory sage and onions, traditional cumberland sausages and crispy bacon.

The limited edition pizza is made from fresh domino-stretched dough, served with a special vine-aged tomato sauce, and sprinkled with plenty of 100% mozzarella cheese.

Our mouth is already watering …

Who Needs A Traditional Christmas Dinner When You Can Get All The Best Bits Of Pizza From Domino

And that’s not the only fun of the festival! Domino’s After Party is covered with new exclusive cookies that combine your favorite after-dinner treats with the iconic Domino cookie dough-introducing cookies at After Eight.

How good are these cookies? All you need to get into the festive spirit!


Domino’s Pizza)

These deep bites are offered in four batches and offer a luxurious after-eight mint fondant center seasoned with 100% natural peppermint. It’s the perfect way to finish your meal by baking it in Domino’s signature chocolate cookie dough.

Melanie Howe of Domino’s said: They combined high quality ingredients with super fan feedback to create something that really brings joy to people’s tastes this Christmas! “

In addition, Domino fans can order their favorite items with the app’s new “Group Orders”. In short, you can easily collect everyone’s festive choices and enjoy a spectacular Domino Christmas feast together!

FestiveOne and Cookies with After Eight can now be ordered online, from the Domino app, or from your nearest store.Popped the locator here For simplicity-and there is also the latest opening and closing time information listed there.

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So why not try these new Domino’s Pizza menu items this week or weekend? Or does it make an unpleasant sound? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Domino's Pizza Announces New The Festive One Pizza and After Eight Cookies

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