Donald Trump accuses Meghan Markle of ‘disrespecting’ the Queen

donald trump exploded Meghan Markle Concerning the treatment of the Queen, he was furious that she was “extremely disrespectful” to Her Majesty.

Former US president says he was ‘surprised’ prince harry Invited to his father’s coronation after the public fell between Sussex and the rest of the company.

Talk to a former UKIP leader Nigel Farage In GB News, Trump revealed he had high hopes for the big day on Saturday and gave his full support to King Charles, saying he “loves his country.”

The businessman and politician paid tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, calling her “incredible” and praising her for “years and decades without controversy.” bottom.

He also accused Joe Biden of not attending the coronation, calling him “incompetent” and claiming that the current US president would be “asleep” when the event took place.

76 years old Was photographed yesterday at his Scottish golf course Prior to filming an interview with his friend and political ally.

Donald Trump pictured here in an interview with GB News’ Nigel Farage said he felt Meghan Markle was ‘disrespectful’ to Queen Elizabeth II

It follows a public downturn among Sussex and the rest of the company.Photo: Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan Markle leave Chester City Hall during their visit in June 2018

Trump also praised Queen Elizabeth II as “incredible”.Pictured left to right: Donald Trump, The Queen, Melania Trump and then-Duke and Duchess of Cornwall at Buckingham Palace Gala in 2019

In a sit-down clip that aired at 7 p.m. GBNews Tonight, Trump questioned Meghan’s treatment of Her Majesty.

He said: “I think she [Meghan] It was very disrespectful to the Queen. How can you be so disrespectful to the Queen?

‘she [the Queen] For decades she never made a mistake. She can’t remember the mistakes she’s made, she’s never been controversial.

“You can’t be disrespectful to her. I think Meghan was very disrespectful to her. Very disrespectful.”

He said he agreed with Farage when he said the Queen was “the most popular human being in the world.”

In a clip released ahead of the interview, Trump also said he had high hopes for the coronation itself and King Charles’ reign.

He said: “I think it will be a great day. I think they will do a great job and he [Charles] love the countryshe met him [Charles] Very energetic, he loved his country, he really loved his country, he loved his mother.

“So she thought she was treated very disrespectfully by Meghan. [there was] There is no reason to do so.

“To be honest, I was really surprised that Harry was invited.”

This isn’t the first time Trump has criticized Prince Harry and his wife. In 2021 he said the Duke was ‘horribly used’ by Meghan He said he is not a fan of the former actress.

He said: “I’m not a fan of her. I haven’t been since day one. I think Harry was used badly and one day he’ll regret it. I think Harry’s been badly used. His I think I’ve ruined my relationship with my family, and I’m hurting the Queen.

Regarding the Duchess, he added: I think she is very disrespectful to the Royal Family and most importantly the Queen.

In an interview, Trump also accused current US President Joe Biden of not attending the coronation

Joe Biden will be represented at the coronation by his wife Jill, despite other world leaders such as Emmanuel Macron attending the event

The coronation of Charles III (pictured) will take place at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, May 6th.

In the interview, Trump also accused current U.S. President Joe Biden of not attending the coronation, even though other world leaders such as French President Emmanuel Macron were there. Nevertheless, he is represented by his wife, Jill.

Trump suggested his 80-year-old political rival “physically” couldn’t stand it, and if he were president he would have left.

He said: “I think it’s hard for him to do it physically. I think I’m here for him.”

“He’s got a lot going on and a lot of weird stuff going on. But surely he should be here to represent our country. I was surprised to hear he wasn’t coming.

“You would think he would be here, he would be in Delaware where he spends a lot of time, he spent a lot of time there during the election.

“So I don’t know, but I was very surprised to see him find it very disrespectful not to.”

He added, “That man is incompetent and disappointing.

“He can’t even come to your coronation as a country, your coronation is a big event.

“I think it would be bad if someone was sleeping instead of attending the coronation as President of the United States.

“Because I’m sleeping. That shouldn’t happen. It’s disrespectful.”

When Farage was asked if he would have attended if he were president, Trump replied, “I would.”

He added, “I think it’s a very important event. I think it’s great. A lot of people talk about the monarchy, and I think it’s great. It really brings your country together.”

Last night, Trump and Farage were pictured smiling together after the former president met with the former UKIP leader for today’s interview.

Trump and Farage were all smiles as they reunited yesterday at Trump’s Turnberry Hotel on Scotland’s picturesque west coast.

Donald Trump has tried Scottish golf courses again at his Trump Turnberry Course in South Ayrshire

Nigel Farage poses for a picture with supporters of President Donald Trump before President Trump arrives at a campaign rally at Phoenix Goodyear Airport on October 28, 2020.

Wearing his trademark red “Make America Great Again” cap, Trump teeed off again today at his Turnberry golf course in South Ayrshire as the end of a short trip to Scotland.

Dressed in golf, Trump laughed and joked in a Farage suit ahead of his interview with GB News this evening.

Mr. Trump took a golf trip across the pond to Turnberry when he opened a new course on the east coast of Scotland, which he named after his late mother. A Scottish MP is also revisiting an investigation into how he was able to purchase the two resorts.

In his home country, Trump is also facing legal troubles after being indicted in Manhattan District Court for paying “hush money” to a porn star during the 2016 presidential election. The ongoing New York City rape case.

Trump and Farage were all smiles as they reunited on the picturesque west coast of Scotland.

The two, who appeared to have developed a close friendship through each other’s political support, had a brief discussion that went unheard before opening up to the rest of the room.

“Everyone knows Nigel?” Trump asked, addressing what appeared to be a packed, chandelier-lit hall.

“I’ll be doing a little minor interview tomorrow,” he joked, suggesting he might use the opportunity to clarify his thoughts on some key issues in the race for the 2024 Republican nomination. .

A photographer walks in and gestures like asking if he can take a picture of the two men together.

Farage has been a very vocal supporter of the former president, attending several of his rallies and defending many of the controversies surrounding the businessman-turned-politician. Donald Trump accuses Meghan Markle of ‘disrespecting’ the Queen

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