Don’t let you stick to a healthy life plan on Blue Monday

Don’t let Blue Monday deprive you of your health determination (Photo: Shutterstock)

Stay healthy after Blue Monday

The third Monday of January, called “Blue Monday,” is said to be the most depressed time of the year. In 2022 this fell on January 17th.

Don’t let Blue Monday deprive you of your health determination (Photo: Shutterstock)

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It’s a day when many experts say that people’s will is solid and that many experts break New Year’s resolutions, including ignoring promised health goals.

This year was no exception, as January 17th was the day when 47% of us were expected to break our health resolution.

As many of us continue to work for home health food companies, Good4U has asked for a new study that 46% eat more, 55% exercise less and 38% are due to boredom. I made it clear.

However, certain foods such as bean sprouts can improve our mood and help people stick to healthier food goals.

Good4U emphasizes the importance of taking care of physical and mental health with registered dietitian Juliet Kello and leading nutritionist Fiona Hunter.

Trying to eat healthy after Blue Monday

Avoid junk

Approximately 38% of us have an important period from 8 pm to 11 pm that is likely to reach unhealthy snacks at home, and 55% exercise and physical activity while stuck indoors. I admit that I am reducing my time to attend.

Specifically, an astonishing 47% of us fell off the wagon and broke a health resolution on Blue Monday, just a few weeks after setting it at the beginning of the new year.

Blue Monday is welcomed as the most depressing day of the year, bank accounts are bright after Christmas, dark nights continue, and summer is still far away.

Still, in fact, 27% think the day after Blue Monday is the best time to adjust their thinking and start setting positive goals a year ahead. And health experts seem to agree.

Healthy life advice

Juliet Kello said: Not healthy.

“And this is only exacerbated by prolonged telecommuting instruction.”

Fiona Hunter added: “The germinated seeds and the seeds themselves are important examples, and there are many foods that can help boost your mood.

“Seeds and germinated seeds are rich in fiber and protein, which is important for us to feel full longer and less hungry.

“It’s important, because’hangers’ are a surefire way to upset us because they make us angry when we’re hungry. “

To help get the New Year on track, Kello and Hunter have created five New Year / Blue Monday resolutions to avoid … and five important resolutions:

Solutions to avoid:

1. Give up all your favorite foods:

Cutting out our favorite foods can give in to temptation when we are faced with them, especially when we spend a lot of time working at home, when we are tired or stressed. It means that you have high sex.

2. Integrate office and kitchen:

Working from home means instant access to food, making it easy to eat when you’re bored, frustrated, or want to get off the screen. This in turn can lead to overeating. It is important to stick to avoid merging your “working office” with your kitchen by creating a specific area for work in your home.

When working from home, try not to integrate the office and kitchen (Photo: Leon Neal / Getty Images)

3. Set unrealistic goals:

Setting goals is important to help you grow mentally and physically, but to be successful, you need to be smart. Concrete, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-specific.

4. Too many solutions:

Trying to make multiple changes to our lifestyle can be a recipe for disasters.

5. Make the same resolution as my friend / family:

Don’t focus on what others around you are trying to achieve in the New Year. Focus on your own goals and what you want to achieve.

Resolutions to be made:

1. Sleep more:

It’s important to get enough sleep each night, ideally 7-9 hours. This is because it plays a major role in our physical and mental health.

Get enough sleep as part of a healthy living environment (Photo: Shutterstock)

2. Increase physical activity:

Energize your New Year’s activities, such as reaching 10,000 steps daily, setting long-term exercise goals, and climbing station stairs without using an escalator.

Aim for strengthening exercises with moderate intensity activities such as active walking, dancing, and cycling for 150 minutes each week, with major muscle groups at least twice a week.

Try increasing your physical activity in 2022 (Photo: Cameron Smith / Getty Images)

3. Practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness It has been shown to help relieve stress, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, and at the same time improve mental health.

Eating carefully also helps us to be late at meal times, so we are more likely to recognize when we are starting to get full and are less likely to overeat as a result.

4. Plan in advance.

By organizing, you can keep your head clean and reduce stress. It also gives you control over how future decisions are made.

Spend some time on the weekends, plan your menu last week, and shop online for convenience and speed.

5. Establish a regular diet.

When we are out of our normal daily lives, especially when many of us are currently working at home, it happens that we eat more irregularly without choosing a fixed meal time, resulting in Does not lead to a healthy diet.

eat Try to set regular meal times to add to the structure of the day, ideally sticking to 3 meals and 2 light meals during normal meal times.

Commitment to a healthy diet after Blue Monday (Photo: Shutterstock)

To follow the healthy path of the New Year, please visit the following websites: Website.

Don’t let you stick to a healthy life plan on Blue Monday

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