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Dragon’s Den’s Sarah Davies cuts off guest “outrageous claims”

Dragons’ Densara Davis was forced to cut off entrepreneurs tonight after they made “outrageous claims.”

Two mothers Elizabeth Morana wear her range of breastfeeding bras Ryu.

Mumbabra claims to help moms and babies in breastfeeding, thanks to clasps and black and white patterns.

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Elizabeth asked Ryu For £ 65,000, she provided her business with a 15% share.

Sarah is impressed with her bras, especially the manufacturing quality, and is an “excellent product”, calling her one of the best bras on the market.

However, the founders of the Crafters Companion were not convinced by some of Elizabeth’s claims.

She states: “I don’t think we can substantiate the claim that these innovative design features are really revolutionizing the breastfeeding market, so I’m going to cut you off.”

Dragon’s Den Mumbabra

Elizabeth said, “And around the world, women are giving up, so there is a huge initiative to raise breastfeeding rates, and this bra definitely has something to give them a solution, so I I don’t agree. “

But despite her position, Sarah wasn’t interested in investing.

She added: “Elizabeth, the problem I’m having is that you’re making a ridiculous claim.

“And I don’t think you’re making them dishonest. The problem is that you believe this enough on your own, and you think it’s literally the solution to the problem of breastfeeding.

“But I don’t think sales and profits will increase significantly from now, with or without dragons.

“So it’s not for me, I’m out.”

Dragon's Den's Sarah Davies cuts off guest "outrageous claims"

Source link Dragon's Den's Sarah Davies cuts off guest "outrageous claims"

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