Drivers at risk of being fined £ 160 starting Monday when the ULEZ expansion begins-check your car

The area where drivers of older and more polluted vehicles will be responsible for ULEZ charges will increase 18 times from next week-and drivers are urged to check their vehicles

Many drivers are unaware that they have to pay £ 12.50 a day to get to London from Monday.

Thousands of drivers are unaware that London’s pollution tariff zone has expanded and could result in a fine of £ 160 starting Monday.

NS Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) It has been in operation since April 2019 and covers the same area as Congestion Charge in central London.

However, on Monday, October 25th, it will be expanded to include all areas within the North and South Ring Roads.

This means that more drivers will face a £ 12.50 per day fare and heavy truck and bus drivers will have to pay £ 100.

Drivers of non-compliant vehicles who do not pay will be subject to a fine of £ 160.

Areas where daily rates apply will be 18 times more than Monday


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The expansion will increase the toll area by 18 times, and even a short pass through the zone will incur charges as part of stricter emission requirements.

There are no tollhouses or barriers. Instead, cameras are scattered around the ULEZ, reading the vehicle’s license plate as it enters the zone and cross-referencing the database to determine if charges will be incurred.

Do my cars have to pay the ULEZ fee?

TfL estimates that approximately 100,000 cars, 35,000 vans, and 3,000 heavy-duty trucks could be “potentially affected” daily by the new rules.

More than a million letters were sent to those who drove within the new boundaries, informing them of the change, and more than 600,000 leaflets were delivered to the inhabitants there.

Diesel vehicles usually need to be first registered after September 2015 in order to avoid charges, but most gasoline models registered after 2005 are also exempt.

Transport for London (TfL) becomes a driver Online checker To know if they have to pay a levy.

We are encouraging more people to use the tool before the extension next week.

This fee applies all day, except Christmas.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said:

“The ultra-low emission zone has already reduced nitrogen dioxide pollution in central London by nearly half. The expansion of the zone on October 25 will benefit more Londoners in the city from cleaner, healthier air. Means to enjoy.

“Bold action is needed to clean the air in London. We encourage 4 out of 5 vehicles to meet current standards and not have to pay ULEZ fees, but TfL for all drivers. We recommend using a checker to check the vehicle. It is ULEZ compliant. “

Small businesses, charities, and Londoners who dispose of non-compliant cars with disabilities or low incomes and buy cleaner cars can apply for TfL with a £ 2,000 grant.

Those who dispose of motorcycles and mopeds may be eligible for a £ 1,000 payment.

The van, minibus and heavy truck scheme was suspended due to “unprecedented demand and limited funding”.

Contaminated buses have to pay £ 100 a day


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Alex Williams, Director of Urban Planning at TfL, said:

“If they are obliged to pay, consider using public transport or ask them to walk or bike if possible. If you need to drive, the vehicle is completely ULEZ Consider using a car club that is compliant with or switching to the cleanest one. Vehicles. “

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Drivers at risk of being fined £ 160 starting Monday when the ULEZ expansion begins-check your car

Source link Drivers at risk of being fined £ 160 starting Monday when the ULEZ expansion begins-check your car

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