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Drivers warn that Grant Shaps’ “solution” to the lack of HGV drivers will lead to a crash

Allows truck drivers to work longer Alleviate food shortages Drivers warn that there will be more accidents on the road.

HGV drivers “violently oppose” the temporary relaxation of rules regarding how many hours they can stay while driving, believe they are unsafe, and will be held liable if they are involved in a car accident. He says he is afraid.

Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps announced on Wednesday that he would introduce a temporary extension to the driver’s time rules while the transportation industry is tackling the HGV driver shortage.

The shortage set by the Road and Haulage Association (RHA) at around 100,000 means that some supermarkets are starting to run out of products such as milk and vegetables. There are not enough drivers to transport produce from the supplier before it messes up..

“We are aware of the shortage of HGV drivers, so we will announce it. [temporary] The extension of the driving time rules from Monday, July 12 gives drivers and operators the flexibility to travel a bit longer, “says Chaps.

“We will increase the number of driver’s license tests available and consider other measures.”

The Department of Transport emphasized that operators should extend driver time only “when needed” and not compromise safety, but drivers say this move will reduce road safety. ..

“All you have is that the workforce is even more tired,” said 53-year-old Philip Esson.

“When an accident happens, they are the first to take responsibility. I don’t think it’s safe. Suddenly can you add more time to your day? I don’t think so.”

Current rules allow drivers to record up to four 9-hour driving periods per week, with a 45-minute break for every 4.5 hours of driving. If the driver takes two 45-minute breaks, this can be extended from twice a week to 10 hours.

Do not exceed 90 hours in 2 weeks. Considering loading, unloading and waiting at the depot, many drivers will work 60-70 hours each week.

Starting next week, the daily driving limit will be up to 10 hours and twice a week for 11 hours. Alternatively, the boss is allowed to change the driver’s weekly rest pattern.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. We’ve already been working for a very long time,” said Andrew Watson, 50, of Berry.

“My driving time last week was 68 hours a week, 47 hours. Accident level per mile. [in the UK] It’s relatively low.Start changing rules and drivers [will be] Tired driving [and] You are being pushed to make additional deliveries. You will have a nasty accident.

“We strongly oppose it. This is not the solution.”

Government and transportation sector must Improve working conditions and pay Watson believes if they want to keep drivers and attract new people to the industry. “Rather than addressing this issue, Grant Shapps wants to stick to Band-Aid,” he said.

Richard Burnett, Chief Executive Officer of RHA, said:

“Loading more time into an already exhausted driver is not the answer-the problem requires more than a bandage.

“Ministers need to be aware that road safety is the reason why HGV drivers are limited in time. Mitigating them is the last to solve short-term problems that cannot be addressed otherwise. Should only be used as a means of. “


Drivers warn that Grant Shaps’ “solution” to the lack of HGV drivers will lead to a crash

Source link Drivers warn that Grant Shaps’ “solution” to the lack of HGV drivers will lead to a crash

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