Ducati will be electric with the new 170mph 2023 MotoE Challenger

The machine also features an advanced liquid cooling system that uses dual circuitry to regulate the various temperature needs of the battery pack and motor / inverter. Ducati also means that the battery can be charged without the need to cool it first, and 80% charging takes about 45 minutes.

The carbon fiber shell of the battery pack also acts as a stress part of the chassis and has an aluminum front frame that weighs 3.7 kg. An aluminum swingarm is used at the rear, and the rear subframe with trail and rider seats is made of carbon fiber.

Öhlins suspension is on the front and rear, and the rear system was developed from the Superleggera V4 bike. The front wheels have 338.5mm Brembo double steel disc brakes and the rear wheels have 220mm single Brembo disc brakes. The team will have the option of rear brake control on the left handlebar that riders can use instead of pedal brakes.

The development of the bike is backed by the Ducati Corse test team and much effort has been put into creating a response from the throttle and electronic controls that is indistinguishable from existing Ducati racing bikes.

Vincenzo De Silvio, Ducati’s R & D boss, said: “The most important challenges in this area are related to battery size, weight, autonomy and availability of charging networks.”

He added that developing expertise within Ducati to address these issues is already essential today, “to prepare when it’s time to produce the first Street Electric Ducati.” rice field.

Ducati says the company’s “next goal” is to “research how to create a Ducati electric vehicle that is sporty, lightweight, exciting and satisfying for all enthusiasts, as technology allows.” I added.

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Ducati will be electric with the new 170mph 2023 MotoE Challenger

Source link Ducati will be electric with the new 170mph 2023 MotoE Challenger

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