Duchess Catherine’s charity head earning £150,000 a year convicted of murder in stabbing father to death on train

A convicted murderer has turned out to be the head of a children’s charity backed by the Prince of Wales.

Paul Carberry, head of Behavior for Children, said he stabbed a would-be father five times on a train and injured another. Sunday mirror.


Action for Children president Paul Carberry murders would-be father in cold-blooded murderCredit: P.A.
Carberry grins as she greets the then Duchess of Cambridge during the St. John's primaries in Inverclyde, Scotland, last May.


Carberry grins as she greets the then Duchess of Cambridge during the St. John’s primaries in Inverclyde, Scotland, last May.Credit: P.A.

Last May, the 60-year-old boss of a murderous charity was photographed shaking hands and grinning. Kate and William During a discussion about teaching emotions to children.

When Carberry was 16, she followed John Murray, 21, and two friends on a train. Scottish In 1979, football fans traveled to London for a match against England.

reportedly wield a flick knifeslashed Michael McBain, 22, while he was sleeping on the floor of the vehicle, then killed John as he tried to escape through a locked door.

The court ruled that Carberry, a member of the Glasgow-based gang “The Gobang Team,” drink beer and vodka When one of his entourage sexually assaults a woman on a train.

After John headbutted Carberry after the incident, a charity representative murdered Carberry in front of terrified football fans.

Carberry said in his defense that he seized another man’s knife but did not remember anything about it. attack.

Convicted of murder in December 1979 at the age of 17, he served time in juvenile and adult prisons before being released in 1985.

Survivor Michael McBain, who is now a married father and works as a joiner, told the Sunday Mirror: “I have to think of the families left without sons.”

John’s fiancée, Mary Manley, said the baby was born shortly after John’s murder, adding: “He was happy to be a father.”

The killer Carberry told AfC Scotland when he met Kate and William before taking a £154,500-a-year job as head of a charity that provides practical and emotional care and support for children. was responsible.

The AfC said the palace was informed of Carberry’s murderous past when he took over as CEO in March, but it is unclear if Kate and Will knew about it when they met with the killer last year. It is unknown.

There was no mention of the killing in the charity’s literature, and Carberry has never spoken publicly about the incident, claiming she “didn’t want to open up old wounds to anyone.”

“I have committed a terrible sin and I regret it,” Carberry said this week after the revelations.

“Of course” he said he was haunted by the idea that John’s daughter had never met her father, adding, “Especially the work I do comes from a close, loving family.

“It’s definitely been a factor in my life, and in fact it’s been a factor in what I’ve done as a result.

“And the first thing that came to my mind was that I was the reason some mothers didn’t have sons, and some kids didn’t have fathers.”

A spokeswoman for the charity said: “The board of trustees who appointed Paul Carberry as CEO made the appointment with full knowledge of his past and this is of public record.” .

“He joined the AfC as manager in 1994. The organization knew a lot about his past. Paul helped thousands of children and young people, including those involved in crime, and many We have helped them find jobs, avoid criminal exploitation and reach their potential.”

“Before the CEO interview, he discussed his beliefs with the chairman.

“Chairman Sarika Patel said her stay in the hospital was a turning point and that she was unable to change her behavior but told her that she had devoted her life and rehabilitation to helping vulnerable young people. Told.

“Paul told us he had revealed his convictions before becoming a member of Scotland’s Serious Organized Crime Unit.”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/22502315/action-for-children-murderer-paul-carberry-kate-middleton/ Duchess Catherine’s charity head earning £150,000 a year convicted of murder in stabbing father to death on train

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