Ed Sheeran delivers CBeebies Bedtime Story prior to new album release

Ed Sheeran Is the latest A list star set up to host the CBeebies Bedtime Story segment.

14-month-old Laila’s chart-top singer and dad joins a long list of celebrities such as Robbie Williams, Tom Hardy, Elton John, and Dolly Parton who have already read stories on popular children’s television shows.

30-year-old Ed reads “Speaking Like a River” by Jordan Scott. The story is about having something personal to Ed, who suffered from stuttering as a kid.

He explains: “I was in school and the teacher asked a question and put my hand in the air, so I changed my mood, but when it was my turn to answer, I didn’t understand the words. Out.”

Ed follows in the footsteps of stars, including Dolly Parton

The story airs on Bonfire Night (November 5th), and Ed hopes it helps children suffering from speech disorders.

He continues. “I was worried that I could never talk without stuttering, but now I’m singing and always talking to people.”

Ed and his wife Cherry, whom he has known since middle school, In 2020, my daughter Laila was born in the Antarctic Ocean...

Musician Ed Sheeran and fiancé Cherry Seaborn at the 2018 Skybet Championship match
Ed and Cherry are the proud parents of baby Lyra

Since then, Ed has accepted his parental status and recently announced that he will give frozen lasagna to his new parents.

The couple announced in 2020 that Lyra arrived in a cute Instagram post sharing photos of small socks and a rainbow blanket.

In the caption, Ed shares his joy with his fans and writes: “Last week, with the help of a great delivery team, Cherry gave birth to our beautiful and healthy daughter, Laila Antarctic-born Sealan.

“We love her completely. Both mom and baby are doing great things and we are here in Cloud Nine. We hope you respect our privacy at this time. . “

Doting dad Ed is exchanging performances for kids talk time

But Ed recently revealed that baby Lyra isn’t enjoying his father’s music.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 before playing at the Big Weekend of Live Music 2021, he explained:sing [my new songs] To my daughter who is not my biggest fan. She just cries.

“No, I have a few things I like. She really likes Shape Of You. The marimba sounds good, but I don’t like loud sounds or things like belts.”

Ed recently announced a tour of the UK and Europe, starting in 2022 and including 27 shows.

Cherry and Laila are attending Ed for three gigantic concerts and gigs including Wembley Stadium in London next summer.

Ed Sheeran delivers CBeebies Bedtime Story prior to new album release

Source link Ed Sheeran delivers CBeebies Bedtime Story prior to new album release

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