Editor: Dame Debs Reframed Death, and that’s …

I wrote a column on this topic earlier, so I’ll explain it briefly. I also know that many people praise Deborah James far more eloquently than mine. That’s a good reason to be respectful and short anyway.

Deborah James’ heritage will of course be economical.At the time of her writing, she Cancer Research UK Bowelbabe Fund Is £ 7.2 million, which is 2,864% of the original target of £ 250,000. But after that money is spent on important research and treatment, something more powerful will remain.

The only way I can explain it is as a kind of freedom. You are free to face the complex and harsh realities of incurable illness fearlessly, and allow you to have an open conversation about what death involves, from what it looks like to what it sounds like.

What is important is the expulsion of the stigma and embarrassment associated with physical collapse and the associated impact on what we perceive as “beauty,” “dignity,” and “health.” Since the concepts are used, it is helpful to know that you can shape them yourself when the end comes.

This process benefits us all.Your death preparation is a big part of your financial plan, whether it’s writing will, spending your time (and money) wisely, or having it. Difficult conversations like dadIt is very informative to shine on topics that are mostly considered very dark and (naturally) very sad.

And that’s what you see if you see An extraordinary video of James on her last day..

Now completely bedridden and in great pain, she is surrounded by her beloved family. Her family gives the permission they have given to live and smile in their sorrow. If you’ve been in a room with someone dying, you’ll understand how remarkable it is. It’s not a happy process, but there may be a lot of happiness at that moment.

It’s not trivial at all. On the contrary, getting permission to accept the freedom to live while someone escapes is to acknowledge how important life really is.

Many of James’ friends say they worked hard to get well at first, so now they can rest well and live with rebellious hope when treatment fails. increase. In doing so, she showed that more than tears were deadly, and most of us were dying more than we had previously expected.

rest in peace.

Editor: Dame Debs Reframed Death, and that’s …

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