Electric vehicle center of excellence opens in Milton Keynes

A new center has been opened in Milton Keynes to test EVs and develop high voltage propulsion systems.

In addition to the general EV test,’Electric Vehicle Center of Excellence ” We develop powertrain components such as motors, inverters, axle modules and electrical systems.

It is owned by Intertek and Intertek offers independent quality assurance testing to automotive companies around the world, including: Volkswagen group.

The test center, which has already won the title of International Engine Test Facility of the Year at the Automotive Test Technology International Awards, officially opened today and the ribbon was cut by the conservative MP of Ian Stewart’s Milton Keynes South.

“We will give our clients world-class technical expertise, pioneering innovations and state-of-the-art services in one place,” says Intertech.

We also support “the growing need for fast, bespoke expert testing services and fast results, along with up-to-date knowledge and experience of changing industry conditions.”

Andre Lacroix, CEO of Intertek, said: “Now that we have reached a turning point, sustainability is a move in our time and is now accelerating towards a cleaner future for all electric vehicles in the mass market.

“The EV industry plays a vital role in the transition to the UK and the world’s low-carbon economies. The award-winning, state-of-the-art facility provides unique technology to the world’s leading automakers. An innovation and experience center with industry-leading end-to-end ATIC services built for the rapid global transition of the world to zero-emission vehicles. “

Electric vehicle center of excellence opens in Milton Keynes

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