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It’s very mini-like to drive. that is, miniBut the important point is that I don’t think I’ll lose anything compared to the original. This is completely standard, except for the obvious. It looks like it’s in stock, but the interior hasn’t changed much and the suspension is the same. This is because the conversion only adds a few kilometers. Not all choke cables are working. Like a non-working thermometer, it can definitely be reused for the right idea and price.

Turn the key to start. This will turn on the battery light to let you know that the car is ready to drive. You don’t have to use the clutch to engage the gear, but doing so makes the action a bit smoother. It feels strange to disengage the clutch completely before getting off, but that’s another thing that sets this car apart from modern cars.

I was advised to start in 2nd gear, but the motor controllers aren’t as sophisticated as modern EVs, so cars tend to be a bit kangaroo. Departing first gets rid of it. Electrogenic can be adapted to another control module that makes it smooth, but at an additional charge of about £ 1500.

You can shift into 3rd gear, but passing through gear will make the Mini feel great and actually improve your experience. However, downshifts are very unique. Because there is no engine that provides auditory feedback about where in the rev range and how quickly the clutch can be disengaged.

But don’t think this is the latest noise-free EV. You can hear a lot of growls from the motor, which is strangely reminiscent of the original mini. The EV Mini drives much like a standard Mini because the suspension is standard and the conversion adds a minimum of extra mass.

Electronic Mini Review (2022) | Autocar

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