Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital chose uPerform to provide in-app training for eHR

uPerform supports healthcare hybrid learning strategies with digital training and support through integration with Epic.

Based in Tilburg and Waalwijk, the Netherlands, Elisabeth-Twee Steden Hospital (ETZ) is adopting a new digital training platform. This helps clinical staff optimize the use of the electronic patient dossier (EPD) system, Epic®. Healthcare organizations are deploying ANCILE Solutions’ uPerform platform after the successful completion of their first project in 2020.

ETZ is a leading clinical training hospital and trauma center that provides emergency treatment to residents of the Central Brabant area and beyond. As one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands with more than 6,500 employees, ETZ was looking for innovative training methods to more effectively train healthcare professionals on the use of EPD. In 2020, the organization presented a new vision for clinical education programs. It’s a hybrid approach that provides workplace support for different learning styles and preferences. In December 2020, ETZ chose uPerform as its digital training platform, providing all clinical staff with on-demand training and ongoing support for the Epic EHR system.

Judith van Gerven Biermann, coordinator of the EPD Academy, said: It fits seamlessly with the vision of the EPD Academy (and the overall “learning house”) based on hybrid learning. Everyone must be able to choose from several options to learn in their own way and incorporate the subject matter provided. Workplace learning is one of our main pillars. Therefore, uPerform’s in-app help has great advantages. We believe this support will allow healthcare professionals to work safely, faster and more comfortably. Help can be accessed with a single click. We hope this will also reduce the burden on EHR coaches, service desks and application professionals. “

“We found that creating e-learning and hint sheets was very quick and easy. This is a huge advantage over previous content creation methods.”

ETZ is the first European medical institution to join 20 major hospital systems already using uPerform in the United States. Harm Mescher, EMEA / APJ Vice President of ANCILE Solutions, said: “This project was the first step in bringing uPerform’s proven successes and benefits to the healthcare system across Europe.”

uPerform provides healthcare providers with the next level of digital maturity by providing clinicians with quick and easy access to high-quality EHR educational materials in their workflows and improving user proficiency and satisfaction. Allows you to pull up to. Role-based in-application learning at Point of Care is of paramount importance to clinicians, improving onboarding and enhancing training to reduce time spent on EHR systems and training. That is, it allows the patient to spend more time. Education teams benefit from a complete learning content development, management, and distribution platform that increases operational efficiency and reduces training costs.

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About Elisabeth-Twee Steden Hospital (ETZ)

Elisabeth-Twee Steden Hospital (ETZ) is the premier clinical hospital and trauma center.There are three locations in Tilburg and Waalwijk, ETZ Include Hospital for residents of the Central Brabant area and beyond. We tell patients what they feel, think, and believe. We call it the “eye for you”. Using this approach, we help patients choose the most appropriate treatment with a specialist. It allows us to provide extraordinary care to our patients. ETZ is one of the largest clinical hospitals in the Netherlands with approximately 6,500 employees. At ETZ, you are inspired to continue development. We learn every day and continually improve patient care and work styles.

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Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital chose uPerform to provide in-app training for eHR

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