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Emmanuel Macron wants his own “special relationship” with Joe Biden

Boris Johnson This week he confirms that he doesn’t like to call the close relationship between Britain and the United States a “special relationship” and believes it looks “poor.”

But it will be displayed Emmanuel Macron There is no such worry.

later G7 summit Beginning with a nasty “family photo” on the beach, the French president created a beeline for Joe Biden, put his arms around the shoulders of Americans, and began a lively debate.

I couldn’t hear the French say, but Johnson-was later in front of the pair Angela Merkel “You are the leader,” he told him-you would want Macron not trying to lobby Biden. Brexit sausage war that could cast a shadow over the G7 conference..

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French President Emmanuel Macron (right) greets US President Joe Biden at the G7 Summit

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Macron was adjacent to the European Commission President Ursula von der Reyen

Patrick Semangski via Getty Images

The vignette was one of the few moments when G7 leaders felt uneasy at the first face-to-face meeting since the start of the Covid pandemic.

At some point Biden tried to relieve tension and joked “everyone in the water” after the leader and his spouse were greeted by an elbow ridge from Boris and Carey Johnson on the beaches of Carrie Johnson in Cornwall. ..

After walking the long sidewalk to the beach, Jill Biden joked, “It feels like a wedding,” and Johnson later agreed that it was like “walking down the aisle.”

After that, the leaders stood two meters apart for a family photo, so they had a hard time creating all sorts of bonomies.

When the discussion finally began around the familiar round table, Johnson lamented the carefully choreographed photography as a “media circus.”

“This is intended to be a fireside chat between the world’s greatest democracies,” the Prime Minister complained.

In a rare move for Johnson, he also suggested that the G7 should support a more “feminine” economic recovery.

The Prime Minister said the citizens of the G7 countries “want to make sure we are discussing ways to defeat the pandemic together and never repeat what we see.”

“But we are building better together, more environmentally friendly, more equitable, more equal, and … more gender-neutral and perhaps more feminine.”

Johnson also appeared to criticize his own Conservative Party for how to deal with the recovery from the 2008 financial crisis by taking power in 2010 and embarking on austerity plans.

He said the G7 economy could “bounce very strongly” from Covid.

“But it’s important not to repeat the mistakes of the last big crisis, the last big recession of 2008, when recovery wasn’t uniform in all parts of society,” he said.

Johnson said there was a risk that the pandemic could leave “permanent scars” because “inequality could settle”.

“As we recover, we need to ensure that our society as a whole is leveled up and built better,” he added.

Emmanuel Macron wants his own “special relationship” with Joe Biden

Source link Emmanuel Macron wants his own “special relationship” with Joe Biden

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