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Emmerdale fans loved the character’s new look in tonight’s episode

Emmerdale fans loved the new look of Face Dingle in tonight’s episode.

Character played by Sally Dexter I am concerned that her cancer has recurred in the last few weeks after she experienced some unusual pain.

Popular tonight episode ITV Soap began by addressing her concerns-when Brenda Walker dropped a box containing a wig from when he was fighting illness before faith.

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Faith said to Brenda: “I know why you have Brenda.

“It’s funny. We’re afraid of dying from cancer, and maybe just as scary of hair loss.”

When the episode returns to the conversation between Faith and Brenda, Faith will wear a red wig, joking that she is a Russian spy, and remain positive despite the serious nature of her worries. I was saying.

She laughed: “Do you think I look like bald? I scare the kids.”

And this reassured Brenda that she still looked “great” at the touching moment.

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Show fans twitter I agree with the character of Leslie Dunlop.

One viewer said:

Another addition: “Faith is beautiful, the wig suits her too, such wonderful eyes”

Third Tweet: “Faith Shaking the Red Wig! #Emmerdale”

Fourth comment: “Faith really fits the red wig !!”

Faith faced a dilemma in tonight’s doubleheader as to whether her great-granddaughter Sarah was honest with her family about her fear of cancer after eavesdropping on a conversation with Brenda.

Emmerdale will continue tomorrow at 7pm on ITV and ITV Hub

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Emmerdale fans loved the character's new look in tonight's episode

Source link Emmerdale fans loved the character's new look in tonight's episode

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