Emmerdale fans point out the sad details of the latest Andrea scene as she is “confirmed” dead

Emmerdale fans point out heartbreaking details in the latest scene where they saw Andrea Vertical remain dead.

The murderer Mean Jutra returned to the battlefield, but new victims appeared after trying to drown his love rival Victoria Sugen.

Residents of Dale’s participated in a survival challenge set up by Ellis and Priya.

In a shocking scene, Victoria, David, Charles, and Manplet all fell into a torrent after the drawbridge broke.

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After being abused and injured, and after Victoria was plunged into a waterfall, all four returned to dry land and Victoria and Charles were treated in a hospital.

But another moment unfolded when Mine confronted nervous Andrea and revealed that she had seen an evil nurse trying to drown Victoria.

Andrea did it because Mina had previously confessed the murder, but Mina chased.

Andrea confronts Mina about what Mina saw

Fans continued to scream on the television screen as Andrea slammed into Maze’s maze and was chased by the murderer Mina.

Mina tried to attack Andrew with a sign many times, but the pair eventually faced off on the stage in the middle of the maze.

Andrea I picked up the flare gun and aimed it at Mina, but when the pair was disturbed, the flare disappeared and hit the corn, which ignited.

Mina attacked Andrea

After knocking the unconscious in a brutal way, Mina killed Andrea, but struggled to find a way out of the burning maze.

Fortunately for her, Mackenzie went into the maze in search of charity, but because there was no interest in his secret love, he managed to rescue Mina and take her safely.

Priya was also rescued by Erie, but not before she suffered a horror burn.

When Ben asked Mina if anyone else was in the maze, she said no before happily seeing Maze’s burns.

Mina lied and said there was no one in the maze

But it made Emmerdale fans point out sad details.

“I’ve never been overly enthusiastic about Andrea, but it’s sad that no one really thought of her. She was forgotten and lost #emmerdale,” he tweeted.

Another response: “The saddest thing about Andrea is that no one is aware that she has lost #emmerdale.”

“Why no one even looked for Andrea everywhere! She disappeared and no one cares about #Emmerdale,” the third person pointed out.

The fourth said, “Everyone will have a drink at Woolley before they realize that Andrea is missing. # Emmerdale.”

Fans are worried about Millie

And that wasn’t all they realized.

“If Andrea is dead, OMG poor Millie left with Nanny Grim Kim #Emmerdale,” said Fan.

Another tweet: “No, her child can’t be an orphan. Save #emmerdale.”

“It’s very sad that Millie lost Andrea. (# Emmerdale,” added a third soap fan.

Fourth comment: “@ emmerdale thinks it’s a little tough to kill Andrea. Poor Millie. She thinks her dad is dead, and now her mom has a lot to handle with kids ! #Emmerdale. “

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Emmerdale fans point out the sad details of the latest Andrea scene as she is "confirmed" dead

Source link Emmerdale fans point out the sad details of the latest Andrea scene as she is "confirmed" dead

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