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Emmerdale’s Priya gets unwanted health updates

Emmerdale’s Priya Sharma is set up to receive some unwanted health news with soap.

The character played by Fiona Wade was badly burned in a fire that killed Andrea Tate in Mina’s hands.

Priya suffered a serious back injury and spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital.

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The character was having a hard time understanding what happened to her and decided to start Meet a psychologist..

She later revealed that she was suffering from an eating disorder because she had a hard time accepting her appearance.

Priya had previously said she wasn’t looking in the mirror because she was burned. “The idea of ​​seeing my body repels me.

“I’ve always hated how I look. How do I accept scars when I can’t accept them?”

But now she’s going to another test with her doctor, so she’s set to receive more worrisome news.

Desperate to stop visiting the hospital, Priya lied that her skin grafts were feeling better, but promised that her struggle with eating slowed the healing process. Is said to be.

Priya decides to protect this herself and avoids telling her father Rishi why she is the truth. The burn has not healed..

After that, Priya, who is struggling in a social situation, is an excuse not to go because she is afraid of having to attend her daughter’s Christmas concert.

Sin then decided to improve her and appear late in the audience to join her dad.

But Rishi is called to act as a substitute Emergency santaLeaving Priya alone in the crowd, she begins to panic.

She is overwhelmed and stumbles away from the crowd, leaving her daughter Amber behind.

Emmerdale will air on ITV and ITV Hub on weekdays at 7 pm and will broadcast additional episodes on Thursday at 8 pm.

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Emmerdale's Priya gets unwanted health updates

Source link Emmerdale's Priya gets unwanted health updates

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