Employer News CallCare prepares for growing customer demand by hiring more than 200 people to join the beauty team.

According to a survey by a customer service solution provider CallCare, The e-commerce sector grew 46% in 2020 due to the increase in online shopping during the pandemic. While further investigating how the size of this sector has almost doubled CallCare In particular, the beauty industry has been found to have grown by an average of 4.75% over the past few years. In addition, global sales are expected to reach £ 526 billion ($ 716 billion) by 2025. Retailers selling electricity, cosmetics, hair, skin care products, jewelery and books had the highest sales, with online purchases up 82% last year. Other findings show that 22.2% of these online sales in 2020 will be in cosmetics, health and wellness products as a whole, showing that e-commerce is growing in the UK market.

Online e-commerce sales growth over the last five years

While looking at online sales data CallCare We tracked sales over the last five years (2016-2020) and found that sales in the UK increased by 116.74%. Between 2019 and 2020, 13.84 billion Internet retail sales were made online, suggesting that it is likely to continue to grow in 2021. CallCare Using a Statista study, it was found that the UK had sales of £ 18 billion (August 2021) so far. Customer service experts believe this could surge in the last quarter of this year towards Black Friday.

To prepare for the busy November and December CallCare Announced plans to expand its customer service team by hiring a dedicated e-commerce beauty team in its Salford-based office. The dedicated department focuses on providing customer service to many global brands 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.role that is You will need someone who is interested in makeup, hair and skin for online customer service support care.. There are 210 positions that you can apply for.

CallCareSpecializing in outsourced customer service, has achieved remarkable growth during the pandemic, with last year’s sales increasing by more than 15%. This success puts the company in a great position to expand and hire additional team members to join the customer service team. CallCare Advised them that is We are looking for a talented and empathetic customer service advisor to handle email and live chat queries for one of our customers, a global online cosmetology business. This exciting opportunity is open to people of all ages looking for a flexible work environment. The contact center offers full-time and temporary jobs in addition to both full-time and part-time jobs for those seeking career advancement.

CallCareBaani Kaur, Head of Talent Management at, commented on why the Beauty team is transforming its Manchester-based customer service.

“As a business, we are growing double digits and we need to hire to support our success. We are a contact center and handle inbound customer service inquiries. It’s boring 9 -5 is not a job. Whether you want a full-time or part-time job, or prefer a late start or night shift, it offers a flexible role that fits people’s lives. It’s rewarding for people to explore. There are many opportunities to have.

“Our roots as a business that is In the north, there are four centers throughout the M62 Corridor, headquartered in Salford.As the group continues to grow, we that is Looking for additional capacity either on an existing site or in a new location. When it comes to hiring from a good talent pool, there’s nothing better than staff quality, infrastructure, or office costs. “

Employer News CallCare prepares for growing customer demand by hiring more than 200 people to join the beauty team.

Source link Employer News CallCare prepares for growing customer demand by hiring more than 200 people to join the beauty team.

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