Employer News: One-third of employers do not provide early parental support and are vulnerable to staff loss

Almost two-thirds (63%) of employers say they provide early parent-child support, according to a new survey from. Full of energyEmployers who do not, are very vulnerable to losing staff to other, more family-friendly organizations when they become parents.

According to the Digital Health Platform, the pandemic was a real awakening call to employers when an employee’s work and family life suddenly clashed in an unpredictable way. This raises employers’ awareness of the importance of family life and its impact on staff choices. In fact, in this regard, 83% of employers said they were concerned that they could lose their best talent if they didn’t provide early parent-child support.

Early parent-child relationship support is the name given to the support provided to new parents after childbirth or adoption, including infant development, sleep and feeding, perinatal health, relationships, mental health, childcare, etc. Then go back to work.

Reasons to provide early parental support

From an employee retention perspective, employers believe that the most important reason to provide early parent-child support is to emerge as a compassionate employer (45%).

This is followed by the desire to be a more attractive employer to competitors (41%) and the importance of staff being able to support family and friends outside the workplace (34%). An additional reason is to mitigate the risk of a wider workforce affected by colleagues being on vacation or not being productive (31%), and proactively focusing on staff specific demographics by gender, age, etc. Was to be able to attract to (19%).

Dr. Mridula Pore, CEO of Peppy, said: “When employees become parents, their lives are willing to turn upside down and tend to reassess what is important and what is not. Often puts new children at the center of everything. If the Lord is unsupportive or indifferent, employees may start looking elsewhere for an organization that more visibly prioritizes the family. “

Support for senior leadership

Unfortunately, not all business leaders are aware of the positive differences that such support can bring to recruitment and retention. Only 55% of HR decision makers believe that senior management teams recognize that providing early parent-child support has a positive impact on recruitment and maintenance.

This was also repeated as to whether early parent-child relationships could have a positive impact on a wider business. In fact, only 55% of HR leaders believe that senior management recognizes that providing such support has a positive impact on a wider organization. When colleagues see how well others are supported, they can improve all areas of productivity, efficiency, morale, and so on.

Dr. Mridula Pore continued: “It’s true that not all employees need or want to rely on workplace support, but knowing that it’s there can be a great relief and an individual. Sends a very clear message that the organization understands that it is not just an employee, but also an important family life and responsibility beyond the workplace. “

Peppy suggests that providing early parent-child support in the workplace is best provided by professionals with one-on-one support options. The early days of being a parent are real roller coasters, and if you need advice or guidance, everyone has an opinion, so it can be difficult to know where to go. Knowing that they have access to the latest ideas on the subject and being offered by clinical professionals means that moms and dads can rest assured that they are doing their best for their children. increase.

Dr. Mridula Pore concludes: “Providing this kind of support is not completely altruistic. Assisting staff in one of the most life-changing moments can make employees engaged and productive in the short term. It means staying loyal to the employers who supported them throughout the high, sleepless nights! “

Employer News: One-third of employers do not provide early parental support and are vulnerable to staff loss

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