Employer News: The limits of GE Aviation at the famous WorldSkills competition are empty

Nick Blakeney, Managing Director of GE Aviation Wales, is a longtime champion who develops talent through an apprenticeship program. The commitment he promotes at GE Aviation Wales.

Nick is passionate about helping young individuals achieve their personal and professional goals and encourages talented employees to participate in WorldSkills, the world’s largest skills contest. So, let’s talk about how GEAviation Wales trains and supports them.

WorldSkills is designed to celebrate the achievements of young people across a variety of vocational skills, hosting competition-led training, assessments and benchmarking with other countries around the world.

In Wales, competitions begin at the local and regional levels. Welsh Inspiration Skills Excellence In the project, a selected number of competitors will advance to the UK national level, after which the final cohort of competitors will be selected to compete for Team UK in the World Skills International final. Nick Blakeney explains:

Nick Blakeney, Managing Director of GE Aviation Wales,

The first experience of WorldSkills was in 2019, when three apprentices competed in the UK finals. Since then, we have been working closely with our further education partner, Colleg y Cymoedd, and are excited to announce that another team of three will be participating in this year’s UK Manufacturing Team Challenge.

In the Manufacturing Team Challenge category, you can focus on developing your skills with several skill sets, such as aircraft maintenance, welding, and mechanical engineering. The skills they bring back to work.

There is also one current employee (Mike Jones) and one past employee (George Denman), both of whom have succeeded in winning this year’s international finals. Mike and George were part of the original team in 2019. If all goes well, you will be able to demonstrate excellence and skills against other countries to bring money back to Team UK.

We are incredibly proud of Mike and George. They are great representatives of GE Aviation, not only for Wales, but for the rest of the world. Both embody all the qualities that employers demand from talented and hard-working employees.

Participating in skill contests such as WorldSkills is a great way to increase our profile and enable us to give our business a real face and personal connection. Especially when the customer-business relationship is very important, it is especially empathetic after COVID. Customers see the best and want to work with them. They also want to build relationships with partners who are committed to investing in people and developing talent for the future, and WorldSkills is providing that to employers.

Throughout the competition, our apprentices work on a variety of technical skills and are given the opportunity to learn from talented and knowledgeable leaders, teachers and coaches in their respective fields.

As an employer, we have found that the additional skills that our competitors absorb along the way are very important. Teamwork, time management, communication, expectations management, and self-reflection are all basic skills that employers need to look for in their recruitment and talent programs, regardless of size, size, or sector.

Throughout the tournament, you can also witness the growth of fellow colleagues. Tutors who participate in the contest will return to the field with new experiences, ways of thinking and working styles. All of this is of great value to your team and a wide range of businesses.

Employers considering the Skills Competition Wales, Inspiring Skills Excellence in Wales project, or World Skills UK are encouraged to seize the opportunity with both hands. This is a great way to provide space for young people, especially those participating in apprenticeships and talent programs, to grow as employees and individuals, as well as to develop and grow their talents.

Employer News: The limits of GE Aviation at the famous WorldSkills competition are empty

Source link Employer News: The limits of GE Aviation at the famous WorldSkills competition are empty

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