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All pennies are important at this point, so it’s worth adjusting your energy usage, even if each saves only a few pounds a year. These are non-investmentable.

Turn things off

There are many appliances that consume power even in standby. Turning off the TV and set-top box saves about £ 24 a year, according to figures released by British Gas earlier this year. Since then, the potential savings have been high due to rising prices.

Do your laundry at 30C

Moving from a 40 ° C wash to a single 10 ° cooler can have a significant impact on energy usage. According to that?If you run your machine four times a week, you can save £ 13 a year on your bill. This is about one-third the cost of running at 40 ° C. It says that lowering the dial further and washing it at 20 ° C as standard saves 24 pounds a year.

Bleeding the radiator

Are you making enough adjustments around your home to save money? Photo: Linda Nylind / The Guardian

After a few summer months when heating is off, it is worth removing the air in the radiator so that the system operates as efficiently as possible. British Gas says this should reduce your energy use and billing.It has A guide on how to do that On that website.

Turn off the light

According to the Energy Saving Trust, even if you turn the light off for a few seconds, it takes more energy to leave the light on than to turn it back on. Get in the habit of darkening your room when you’re not using it.

Take it easy with Dr. TumbleYar

Switching site UKPower Energy calculator Here you can see the running costs of the various appliances. You may postpone the purchase of a tumble dryer or make a good excuse not to iron. According to the calculator, using a tumble dryer for 10 hours a month costs about £ 43 a year. If you can reduce your use, the savings will be summed up quickly.

Lower the thermostat in the room

Central heating thermostat.
You can often save money. Photo: Alamy

Lower the temperature of your home by 1C saves £ 55 a yearAccording to the Energy Saving Trust. If you have a room thermostat, we recommend lowering it to a minimum “comfortable temperature” between 18 ° C and 21 ° C.

Reduce the time spent in the shower

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that shortening the shower by one minute will reduce energy charges by £ 4 per household per year. What’s more, you can save water if you are using a meter.

If you work from home, be sure Tax exemption available to you It will give you a little to put you towards your invoice. For taxpayers at the base tax rate, relief means an additional £ 62.40 in your pocket, but paying taxes at 40% will give you £ 125 off.

Energy Charges: Free and Easy Ways to Reduce Costs | Energy Charges

Source link Energy Charges: Free and Easy Ways to Reduce Costs | Energy Charges

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