Envelope tricks help moms save £ 5,000 in just 6 months

Mom shared a virus method to help you save an amazing £ 5,000 in 25 weeks.

As reported in Birmingham Mail, The Envelope Challenge is based on a formula created by a German mathematician.

Carl Friedrich Gauss, which was popular in the 18th century, is believed to have created it.

Many social media users are now adopting this idea and praising it as a “fun” way to save it.

How does it work?

Create 100 envelopes, each labeled £ 1 to £ 100.

Set aside for 25 weeks.

Over these 25 weeks, draw two envelopes twice a week (four times a week) completely randomly.

After drawing, write the amount written on the cover on the envelope.

By the 25th week, it should be just over £ 5,000.

In the 18th century, Gauss realized that if you divide the numbers from 1 to 50 and then 51 to 100 into two groups, you can add them up to 101.

Gauss noticed that 1 plus 100 is 101 and 2 plus 99 is 101.

Therefore, the sum of the two groups is 50 times 101.

It works fine at 5,050.

on FacebookThe hack spreads like a wildfire, with 11,000 likes and well over 30,000 comments from people who want to try it.

The viral money hack, which has a huge debt to mathematics, impressed many.

The original post from my mother encouraged fellow Facebook users to give it a try.

She writes: “If you have a three-year plan to buy a home, you can get a down payment of just over $ 30,000 by doing this.”

Sounds good.

Of course, there are a few pitfalls-not everyone can afford to spend that amount each week.

But others said it was “fun” and they said they would try it.

One comment: “I love this idea. It would be a fun way to save for something special.”

Envelope tricks help moms save £ 5,000 in just 6 months

Source link Envelope tricks help moms save £ 5,000 in just 6 months

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