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EuroMillions winner Jane Park “feels like death” as she asks fans for Covid’s help.

The youngest EuroMillions winner in the UK has a hard time breathing and says she feels “like death” after a positive test Coronavirus..

Jane Park,twenty five, I took you to Instagram She shared a photo of her test results and told 215,000 followers that she had never felt “so sick” in her life.

Before the results were confirmed, Jane posted in her story:

“I feel like death. I’m waiting for Covid’s results.

“I feel like I have a chest infection, but I’m having trouble breathing / holding my breath, but my doctor said I’d have a PCR test. Lol.”

A few hours later, Jane confirmed that she tested positive for the coronavirus and captioned, “Someone helped me.”

Jane says she “has never felt this illness”

Originally from Edinburgh, Jane is currently quarantined in Oxford. Report the daily record..

After raising £ 1m at the age of 17, Jane became an influencer and regularly shares with her fans.

In 2017, Scott then raised his eyebrows She spray painted Range Rover Purple To match her beloved Hibs away strip – just to sell it because it was “too bulky”.

And the year before that She splashed cash on a £ 4,500 breast implant The chest claimed to be “the best I’ve bought”.

Jane Park
Influencers say Covid feels like a chest infection

Recently, she has tried to sell cheeky photos on the racy site OnlyFans-and since setting up the page in June 2019, she’s been flooded with requests.

Jane tells an Instagram story that March was “the biggest revenue month since she started OnlyFans,” and her peers have had a lot of success on the platform.

“People can pay an additional £ 50 for topless images and she donates cash to a charity. The profile gives her £ 45,000 a month for holidays, night outs, and clothes. “A friend told the Scottish Sun.

Jane Park
Jane says OnlyFans is empowering

But since winning the lottery, and in the past, everything has never been easier for heretics. She threatened to sue them To “ruin” her life.

Throughout the pandemic Jane flew to Dubai To spend the New Year abroad.

For now, Jane remains quarantined in Oxford and is allowed to leave within 10 days.

EuroMillions winner Jane Park "feels like death" as she asks fans for Covid's help.

Source link EuroMillions winner Jane Park "feels like death" as she asks fans for Covid's help.

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